Blue Week

Rain jacket layered over heavy lumberjack shirt (buffalo plaid- I love that name!)

I give the past several days a mixed review, filled as they were with good times and with not-so-great news and so I haven’t been posting much. Montreal has also been quite rainy and my body hormonal and so I’ve taken these as good excuses to read my face off (finished Villette and then The Glass Castle and now I’m reading Russel Brand’s My Booky Wook, of all things) and to lay low.

Mike and I wanted to go vegetarian this week as part of a pseudo-cleanse after last week’s red-meat-athon, but that was all pretty much over with by Wednesday and definitely killed dead by what I call “Beer Thursdays”, as my band indulges while jamming on that particular week night. Anyway, for a few days there we were super good about eating veggie and doing stuff like drinking ginger tumeric tea and making spanish tortillas and drinking morning smoothies.

Spanish Tortilla

Slice of tortilla with haute sauce and spinach

Producing the CKUT MTL Sessions series has been a blast and you can check out the live sets and interviews on Nightwood’s site, of course. The experience of interviewing and supporting other bands has been quite rewarding and just plain fun. We’re gonna play the last show of the March edition (on the 29th) and so we’re preparing for that as well. Tune in!

Using a diffuser when blowing dry encourages curly hair to be its best self.

I did strike out into the world a tiny bit and had two mini-adventures on Wednesday and Friday but they are so top secret in nature that I can only report on them once the actions have produced the intended results. More soon and with less mystery. But I ventured as far as St. Leonard one day and traipsed around NDG on the other: got lotsa use out of the STM transit system.

Look at him! So small!

Here at home, I have a new-to-me hard drive (thanks Mike!) which is easing the strain on my home recording set-up. I investigated some of the old files I had stored on there and found some of my blond prince on there! Look at him, so small! You may remember that he was ill recently– he’s been well ever since, thankfully. Here’s a recent photo for size comparison.




  1. Lemme know how you find My Booky Wook – I was just thinking about giving it a read. Also — awwwwww lil Ash!

  2. The baby cat is feeling much better but Russell’s book stinks. But I’m coming off a recent Bronte read and my taste might be a bit less pop right now! They have it at the Grande Bibliotheque!

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