Stuff I Like Today

1. A simple lunch of brown rice noodles tossed in rocket pesto, topped with slivered tomato and sprinkled with truffle salt. Thanks to K&M for the yummy ingredients!

2. The trailer for the movie The Tree of Life (2011) by Terrence Malick. Once again, can’t wait to see it.

3. Gunne Sax style jackets everything for spring! “the term “Gunne Sax” is often associated with its 1970s fashions, which could stylistically be called “prairie-revival”, drawing on many elements popular in late-19th and early-20th century American fashion such as pinafores, gingham prints, and calico. The company was named after the “gunny sack” or burlap trim used on some of the earlier dresses.”

'1970s Yellow Quilted Victorian Inspired Jacket ' from ReCultivation

4. Bottling the apple cider hooch this Friday! Documentation and all that to follow.

5. The Chicago Code tv show (theme music by Billy Corgan)

6. Reading through all of my teenage diaries. I was hoping for moments of profundity, but truthfully it’s mostly hilarious. It seems like I may have written a library’s worth of earnest, radical feminist poetry about my reproductive system. Keywords: goddess, validate, truth, scent.

7. The open letter calling on the Haitian government to cancel the second-round vote scheduled for 20 March and to organise a new round of elections, without exclusions or interference (thanks to Haiti Action Announcements for the link).

8. Relief efforts for the Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami: Canadian Red Cross.

9. The Lunar Perigee

10. This crazy image of a seahorse

11. Francesca Woodman

12. Homemade oatmeal muffins, so delicious smelling.


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