Homemade Apple Hooch, part deux!

Check out part one of the process here: Homemade Apple Hooch!

The smell test.

So we made apple cider, y’all! We each walked away with sixteen bottles, which is pretty darn good. We’d expected to yield about 22 litres each but one of our batches didn’t work out and tasted like vinegar. Definitely well worth the two days of work we put into this! Thanks again to Tony for guiding Vaughn and I through the process and letting us occupy his basement for hours on end.

Drying bottles.

Ice cream sandwiches powered us through the hours!

Now-empty carboys beautifully filled with bubbles during the clean-up.

Some bottles, all ready for drinking!

I didn’t take as many photos this time around as we were trying to finish the process by dinnertime but I did make a short video, below, which documents our first taste of the stuff. The day was spent cleaning and drying bottles, getting the filters and pump working properly and, of course, bottling. The gents buoyed our spirits with hearty rounds of Ol’ Dirty Bastard tunes, and the like.

Photo by Citizen Vintage. Note my Lil' Wayne shirt and lack of knitting: Tony gave me the tee and I was too tired to craft much at all!

There’s nothing like a little bit of old fashioned kudos to make one feel like it was all worth it. After lugging my haul back to Verdun, Mike opened a small bottle up, tasted it and then scurried away to his office to finish it off. I scuttled off to a craft circle with two more bottles and the craft ladies really enjoyed the cider, appreciating that it wasn’t too sweet. I found that the flavour varied from one bottle to the next, and though I’m sure that was due to the fact that they were probably from two different batches, I’m wondering whether that had anything to do with the second bottle having been chilled. It was more pungent, but not in a bad way.

Thanks to Brooke for hosting the circle! The onion rings and cinnamon rolls were delicious, as were all of the other treats the ladies brought along (like Erin’s delicious peanut butter cookies!).



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