Stuff I Like Today

1. Kaffeklatsch, part deux. The date is set: Sunday, April 17th, from 2:00-5:00, with Cafe Myriade. Facebook group ici! We’re bringing a group this time.

2. The CKUT MTL Sessions radio series. I can’t believe today’s show is the second-to-last epidsode. I’ll miss them: so fun to host, lovely to hang with bands we enjoy and take part in the excitement of their live sets. Today we’re having Sick Friend on, so do have a listen.

3. Recording a live session this past Sunday at CKUT. We tracked three new tunes we’re working on to use as sort of pre-production before we start on the album as well as to play on the last episode of the MTL Sessions next week.

4. Tarot card readings with righteous ladies!

5. Craft circle convos!

6. Drinking and sharing my apple cider!

7. Not finishing books I’m not enjoying (i.e. My Booky Wook by Russell Brand).

8. Spring wardrobe considerations. I’ve been able to wear my little black leather jacket and polka-dotted rain coat these days!

Brooke Doyle via Citizen Vintage

9. The Citizen Vintage Citizen Q & A series that’s starting up.

10. Planning future travels: NYC, a tour, Ottawa + Toronto to visit new babies, etc, etc, etc!


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