Window Shopping, 1.

Thought I’d sort through and share my Etsy ‘Favorites’/window shopping picks for spring and summer!

vintage 1970's GUNNE SAX calico jacket

vintage 90s chambray hooded spring jacket

plaid ultra high waisted two piece

Fox Tote

Colorful vintage Plaid Madras Sundress

vintage 1960s evergreen wiggle dress

vintage EQUESTRIAN wrap skirt

red mexican tunic with colorful embrodiery flowers and birds.



  1. I love everything for you, except the equestrian wrap skirt since you don’t like horses. You told me so.

    E xo

  2. Yes, you are correct: I don’t really give a shit about horses! This could change with more horsey experience, though. I do like this skirt very much and am 50/50 on the applique, at times loving it and then hating it. I am unknowable.

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