Stuff I Like Today

via Devenir Gris

1. Liz was late to her own funeral. From her rep: “The service was scheduled to begin at 2 PM but at Miss Taylor’s request started late. Miss Taylor had left instructions that it was to begin at least 15 minutes later than publicly scheduled, with the announcement, ‘She even wanted to be late for her own funeral'”. I’d never been a particularly rabid Liz fan until I read this book last year and now I’m a bit sad that she’s gone. What a full life she’d had!

2. This vintage sale in Toronto…wish I could go! Buds Citizen Vintage will be there hocking their wares, so head on out for some MTL goods, Torontonians!

3. Fine young lads Reversing Falls are playing a show tonight with Citizenship (ex-Murder Ford Monument peeps) at Cagibi. Sure to be an awesome time, espesh since The ‘Falls are freshly returned from their recent east coast tour.

4. Ivory and lace, as always.

5. tUnE-yArDs’ new shit. I love the tune Bizness and the video is pretty alright, but this Stereogum Progress Report is  wunderbar:

“To be honest, sometimes when I see a female artist who has a dude produce her album, I start thinking stuff,” she continues, “I hate that I think that way, but that’s one of the reasons that it’s been so important to me ever since I started tUnE-yArDs that people know how much of a working role I have in the music I make. I know it isn’t fair to make assumptions about artists in that way — to assume that people have all these folks behind the scenes doing everything for them — but I know that people do sometimes operate that way and I don’t want anyone to make those assumptions about me. It’s so absurd, but when you tour in a rock band and you are out on the road, you start to realize how few women are working in this industry. There just aren’t that many of us out there. I want to represent accordingly, you know?”

6. Easy-peasy DIY jewelry tutorials that actually turn out well! I’ve recently made lace earrings for a bud and a braided hexnut necklace for myself. Check ’em out!

7. Hussein Chalayan’s fringed shrug…if I were in the money and knew that the finge wouldn’t get caught on my guitar, I’d buy this up in a jiffy to accentuate my purported “shoulder dance” on stage. According to my bandmates, I’m groovier than I realize.

Image via Style Bubble

8. Those little baby mini Boris beers at the local dep.

9. CKUT radio. All the time these days- gonna miss it when our series is done! I’m a broken record about this, I know.

10. Cronenberg. One creepy film a day this week. But I’m not quite living up to Mike’s movie standards yet; I quote: “at least watch Videodrome, Rabid and Dead Ringers“. I should mention that I’m the least encyclopedic film graduate in existence, that or I’m more selective in my choices where as Mike watches almost everything, for example The Stuff (1985).


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