small adventures

Mini adventurer!

This polaroid was recently given to me by my father. It’s a snapshot from a day when we visited his buddies at a fire station in Cote-St-Luc. I remember that day! It always seems a bit magical to me when I find visual proof of my memories.

I made mention of a slew of recent mini-adventures a couple of weeks ago and now I can reveal all, or at least one adventure in particular. Big news: I’ve found the only place in Montreal where you can find typewriter ribbon (Next up: gonna find the last black and white photobooth)!  I searched high and low- there was rumour of an old print shop near Beaudry metro that carried The Stuff but I explored the area thoroughly and came up empty handed. After a bit more research, Dactylographe in St. Leonard was found to be the place to go. Since we don’t own a car and live in Verdun, the trip was kinda epic, but sorta fun. I took  the 132 bus up from Viau and sailed past the Big O up to Jean-Talon. Whenever I travel to eastern parts of the island, especially parts that seem pretty far north, I always assume that the population is predominantly Francophone, but when I stepped off of the bus I marched right into a crowd of English-speaking high schoolers and was schooled about how little I know about my own city. The last time I’d been to St. Leonard I was fifteen and on a bit of a bender with a bud and his cousins, but that’s a story for another time.

This is our typewriter! It ran out of ribbon about four years ago or so but now it’s back in working order. It was fun to surprise Mike and some other buds with gifts created with the help of this trusty, clackety machine, such as a zine filled with blank Proust questionnaires to fill out, complete with a space for the date of completion at the top of each one to track the person’s changing answers over time. If you’re looking for a crafty/zine-y gift to make for someone, I highly suggest adapting this idea. Side note: I took this photo with my laptop camera and it was kinda funny to see my two writing machines having a show down!

Hansen Writing Ball

The interweb is also an adventure; after casually reading up on typerwriter history the other day I came across this early version of the machine. Tres rad looking, non?

Anyway, this is what I write in now, my new journal given to me by Jess and started just yesterday:

Good for recording any and all exciting moments, nagging thoughts and grocery lists. Currently, I’m making notes in it about our last radio show. Yup, that’s right, our last show is today from 3-5pm and we’re the featured band! We’ll be playing some new tunes recorded over at Digital Bird Studios in the fall as well as a pre-recorded live set from last weekend at CKUT. More about that right here. We’ll be DJing and chatting too, of course. The image below is a hint as to one of the tunes I plan to play…




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