Stuff I Like Today

1. Mozart’s Sister (free e.p. bedroom paranoia)

2. In Defense of Keanu Reeves. Mike and I are always apologizing for Keanu and maintain that he’d be an awesome Hollywood friend.

3. Tree of Life website. Yesssss. In other movie news, WTF is happening to our boy David Gordon Green?

4. Making kimchi at the craft circle tonight! Using this recipe. Excited!

5. Road trip to visit friends in Ottawa and Toronto! It’ll be fun to practice driving and to listen to mix CDs with Mike (the band is probably getting tired of my top spins!). Let us know if you know of any good gallery shows/screenings/music shows we should check out.

6. Bill Callahan’s Apocalypse. Luuuurve my Billy Smog!

7. This photo of Bill Callahan. As I mentioned on Twitter a while back, this is his paperback romance novel look.

Your lyrics often reflect the natural world. Is it accurate to say that you find a good deal of inspiration through your observations of nature? As metaphor, yes. I’m not a biologist or nothin’. (click for interview)

8. Warmer weather.

9. Longer days, shorter nights.

10. Sleeping in.


Thanks to Mike for all the cinema-related links. xo


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