Stuff I Like Today

Howdy! It’s been almost a week since my last post. Things have been a bit nuts up in our apartment because our roof started to leak and now the living room ceiling is all tarped up and an industrial fan and a dehumidifier have moved in and displaced our couch. The cats are the least impressed of the household as it’s all quite loud when everything is switched on! As soon as the weather dries up and stays dry for a few days, the roofers will come. In the meantime, we spend time outside and in our studios. I’m reorganizing and painting mine- more on that in a future post, surely. For now, how about a list of Stuff I Like Today?

1. The busy, long weekend: played a rock show, helped introduce a new dog to an older dog, lotsa visits with family, gobbled up a ton of dim sum, inhaled my Mum’s  first ever (delicious! successful!) attempt at pudding chomeur, watched a pick-up baseball game for a friend’s birthday and then caught Hanna with Mike (purty good action flick!). Pudding Chomeur reminded Mike and I of a divine sticky toffee pudding we had at an Edinburgh pub called Bailie Bar last May- the best dessert either of us has ever had! Must put that one on my list of recipes-to-try…

Not my Mom's. Click for source.

2. The Free Music Archive

3. This postcard…so collage-y and desert-like. I have a slow-blooming desire to get to desert. My fave place in Saskatchewan are the dry southern parts in between the Grasslands National Park and the badlands. I need more of that kinda landscape in my life this year.

4. Gentle reminders to mind my silly worries about aging. I found my first white hair a month ago and the lines around my eyes and across my forehead are deepening. I’ve gotta check this uncharacteristic part of myself especially since I know a great many excellent, curious and gorgeous people who are much older than me. This series of Patti Smith portraits (and Patti in general) help quell The Fear as does the sweet blog Advanced Style.

Christophe de Menil on Advanced Style. She designed her own jewelry, inspired by "Real things that have scary aspects, things that are insanely wonderful".

4. New CSA membership- local veggies all summer long! We’re joining a new CSA this year called Coop Les Jardins de la Résistance. A few of my friends are a part of it and it’s a bit more budget-friendly than the other (wonderful but slightly pricier) CSA we were a part of. The bi-weekly membership includes 10 deliveries of veggies for $270, so that’s like spending thirteen dollars and change on local and seasonal produce each week. I especially love the challenge of learning how to incorporate all the different items you get from a CSA share into one’s cuisine, cooking according to the region and crop yields. Supporting a CSA is good for one’s health, palate, creativity, the local economy and the environment. I encourage you to join one if you can! Find out more about Montreal-based CSAs on Midnight Poutine.

Coop les Jardins de la Résistance <<Le séchage de l'ail dans la grange.>>

5. Planning a trip to NYC this May! I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’ve never been even though Mike has been angling to get me there for a few years now. The time hadn’t ever been right or I’d been too busy publishing sexy zines, or, or…but now we’re gonna go and we’re pumped to visit places like the Anthology Film Archives, eat yummy food, visit the MOMA (to check out the Looking at Music 3.0 show featuring work by Joanie 4 Jackie, Kathleen Hanna and others), watch some rock shows maybe (recommendations welcome!), ride a ferry or two, walk across famous bridges, etc, etc. We’re going to take the train in and out of town, which will be lovely and leisurely complete with time to write postcards, watch laptop movies and sip drinks in the dining car. The trip coincides serendipitously with our eight year (!) anniversary, so do wish us some good weather! I’m planning a good-looking walking outfits- I might even buy low-profile sneakers for the occasion.

6. The Radio is Dead? broadcast coming up this Saturday from 1-5pm in Parc de Portugais, featuring “radio plays, interviews, music, poetry reading and radio art” about the plateau. A few zinesters are pulling together some writing for the occasion and I’m gonna try to contribute a piece as well. More info about the event is available here.

7. This 70s-era Missoni wrap skirt:

Available via Dronning on Etsy

8. Sunny morning walks in the park along the river with Mike here in Verdun. So cool to see the reeds and things starting to sprout up after the winter and to witness mallards flirting with ducks. Even though I’m usually more of an autumn fan, spring pretty much rules.

9. The Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). Finally watched this film and loved it! I want a stuffed version of Mr. Fox! Actually, no, his underachieving son Ash in doll form (voiced by one of my boyfriends, Jason Schwartzman) would be even better- though creepier.

10. Starting to record a new record real soon!

Thanks for reading and all the best to you and yourn,


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