Tomorrow, we vote!

Jack Layton as a lad. Via VintageVoter.

 Today is Beltane, May Day, my youngest brother’s birthday and the day before Canadians vote in the federal election. Lots to think about and to celebrate! In my previous post about the election, I tried to stay non-partisan (and almost succeeded), but I’m more excited than ever to share my hopes now that the NDP is doing so well in the polls here in Quebec, as well as nationally. If you follow my Tumblr, you’ll already know that I vote orange. I’ve voted for the NDP for years now and am glad that in my riding I can vote according to my conscience and not have to choose strategically to try and block the Harper Conservatives from gaining a majority.

There seems to be a lot of excitement out there (see the NDP Orange Facebook Sweep that many of my contacts have joined) now that the election doesn’t seem to be as much of a two party race as usual. This election has been kinda fun in a sports-like way, once again because it feels like there could be some actual change effected by it’s outcome now that the NDP has risen to more prominence among voters. The Liberal party, for it’s part, seriously needs to step back and review it’s priorities and strategies (or disappear) as it’s pretty clear that they’ve lost focus and voters’ attention. I’m glad that many Canadians are finding confidence in the policies of Layton’s NDP. Of all the leaders he seems to have the most integrity. I’m glossing over the details and making a few generalizations, but that’s due to the overwhelming amount of info and debate to recap from the past few weeks. I hope you’re all up on it (some links below if you’d like some reading material).

Finally, I don’t think it’s ever justifiable to choose a leader according to how easy-on-the-eyes they are, but hello young Jack Layton! If I were a young thing in the early 60s, you’d get more than my vote. 


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