Stuff I Like Today

1. Properly cooked chickpeas. Not the canned stuff, I mean soaked and simmered over a period of hours-kinda chickpeas. Totally delicious with just a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper.

2. Fucking nutty clothing. I’m getting a little bit tired of pretty and tasteful. I’m craving weirder styling on fashion blogs and am now actively searching for wackier options to add to my bookmarks- please let me know if you have any to suggest! For now, check out this image from Style Bubble featuring a dress by Romance Was Born with what looks like a tinfoil ogre face on it.

3. Birds that live along the river. Living in the Verdun neighborhood of Montreal is wonderful because it’s just a short stroll to the river’s edge where several different kinds of birds thrive. At any time of day you can spot ducks and other water fowl paddling along in the eddies. My favorite birds, though, are the herons. They seem most active near sunset. They don’t hang out like the ducks do but when you spot them flying close to the surface of the water or sailing way over head, their wing span is always so surprisingly wide. I try not to interrupt conversation but can’t help exclaiming whenever I spot them. The birds are quite active right now as it’s mating season, so do come down and check out the amorous scene sometime.

4. These two Bill Callahan interviews. Thanks to Erin for sharing them! I know it’s Billy Smog overload around the blog lately, so my apologies if you can’t handle the guy. For my part, I could bottle his voice and go on a bender with it for days, it’s so smooth, the stories in the songs go down so easy.

5. My Brilliant Career (Australia, 1979 ). Why haven’t I heard about this film before?! It has all the hallmarks of an Amber-favorite: early-20th century setting, rad costumes. a feminist plot, great landscape photography, a lady director, etc, etc. And a shockingly cute 25-year-old Sam Neill– who knew? Well the blogger behind Ringo, Have A Banana did and I was inspired by this post to look up the film on Netflix a couple of days ago. Thanks goodness for the interweb or this film and I may have never met!

Horse-back, y'all. No dinosaurs in sight!

 6. Starting the album.

7. The new CKUT music department Twitter account I’m helping get set up.

8. Having my studio freshly painted and reorganized – photos soon!

9. Getting our ceilings replaced so that they’ll no longer be water-damaged and horrible-looking.

10. Mother’s Day this Sunday! Love you Mom!


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