Eye Light at MUFF tonight!

Last minute event announcement: The 52 Pick-UP video project (weekly videos made over the span of a year), conceived and run by Dayna McLeod is having a screening tonight at Pote:er (6029 du Parc) as part of the Montreal Underground Film Festival. One of my videos, Eye Light, is included in the program, which is quite similar to the program that showed at the Edgy Women Festival in March (completely failed to report that screening at all- sorry!).

In related news, I’ve decided to not complete my year of videos with the project as my creative life feels too busy with the band making a record. Initially I joined up because I thought that making weekly videos would be a fun way to keep my film chops up, especially with my limited video set-up of a handheld point-and-shoot camera with a video function, but I’ve since decided I’d rather not make unrigorous work. I mean, it didn’t have to be unrigorous, but it was becoming that way as my time and attention steadily focused elsewhere. The good news is that I’m slowly working on a Super 8 film and hope to be sharing news about it sometime in the future.



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