Hello hello,

Hope your spring is as lovely as can be despite shiver-inducing showers and temperatures! I’ve been busy with some projects that are finally kicking into high gear and so blogging less often. I thought I’d whip up a few lists for you until my next real post.

What is up these days:

Living in a construction zone (our leaky ceilings are getting fixed), making a record, booking a summer tour, finishing up a redesign of my home studio, assembling the goods necessary for a small terrarium, reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain (I’m on a strict no-bummer reading diet as prescribed by a seasoned band mate), trying to enjoy my recently-brought-out-of-storage spring and summer wardrobe despite the cool and wet weather, getting back into studying French…almost, getting ready for our NYC trip (gonna pick up a pair of sensible, and hopefully devastatingly sexy, walking shoes), etc, etc.

I’ve been enjoying: 

Bridesmaids, a portable recorder that I’ve borrowed for the summer for a new zine project I’m planning (more later), brunch at Griffintown Cafe…especially when enjoyed with breakfast cocktails.

Looking forward to:

The Anarchist Book fair this weekend! Show tonight!


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