Stuff I Like Today

1. Making a record. Today the other two let me make noise with an organ and it was good fun.

Hipstomatic photo by Erin!

2. Sleeping in one’s own bed and waking up whenever.

3. Fixture Records’ second compilation. Includes music by Mavo, Dirty Beaches, Brave Radar, Freelove Fenner and other coooool bandsssss.

4. Alden Penner’s 4 song recording Odes to the House. Some travel-inspired spirituals by a pop song craft-ster!

5. No longer living in a construction zone. The roof has been roofed, the ceilings and moldings have been mended and repainted, my studio is pretty much all put together and all is well in the world. Yesss! Soon we’ll be able to have people over for BBQs! Edwardian-themed dinner parties! We can really focus on the back balcony garden! You know, enjoy the season!

6. Our trip to NYC. I think this one will become a 2 or 3 part blog report.

7. Donating to excellent causes like the Root.ED trip to Senegal.

8. Just Kids by Patti Smith.

9. Long walks down by the river (is this on every non-winter SILT list I make?).

10. Having our record player hooked up again. Time for some epic listening sessions complete with lots of album art gazing!


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