Stuff I Like Today

1. Suoni projections + projection performances galore! Last night my bud, Double Negative member Malena Szlam, projected beautiful 16mm images at the free Jerusalem in My Heart show at La Sala Rossa. Saturday will be especially fun and special as there’s an outdoor screening in a parking lot up near the tracks up by Van Horne. Come out, come out:

Click for Facebook event.

2. E-bow+ piano experiments…looking for new textures and sounds for the record with my upright piano. Looking into prepared piano techniques.

3.  Southern food…maybe it’s my Bahamian childhood rearing it’s head, hungry mouth open! The warm weather makes me crave certain foods so I’m researching best fried chicken recipes (can’t find too much of that golden awesomeness in town), biscuits, grits, collards, cold beer and the like.

4. The air-conditioned library. Recent books that I’ve picked up include Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef which I’d heard much about as well as a book about identifying bird species in Quebec, among others.

5. My new book club. Steal this idea: I’m now a part of a group of anglophone people who want to practice reading and speaking in French- voila, a book club provides all of the motivation needed to face down those goals! We’re starting off with Attentat by Amelie Nothomb. Other ways I’m practicing my second language: meeting regularly with a nice lady as part of a language exchange and using my trusty exercise book.

6. Our nasturtiums. The flowers are good in salads too! I think of these “our” flowers as we plant them every single year, now on our balcony, but previously in our garden plot back in St. Henri.

Outside of all of these loves, I’ve been pretty busy working on this album and some other band-related stuff, spending time at the excellent radio station CKUT and letting my hair get big and fuzzy in the humid heat. All of this stuff will turn up here in time.



Window Shopping, 2.

I like to think that I have meaningful things to say and news to share which I always intend on posting about here, but tonight I’m puff-piece-ing it out with some eye-candy. Hope y’all have a sweet tooth!

Here are some items I’ve recently added to my Etsy favorites because I’m deliberating over whether to get them…though more often than not the question is whether I can afford them! Which is probably for the best, what with my stuffed closet.

Vibes >>> Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth + trip to the library + live projection performances at Suoni Per Il Popolo + crackers & cheese before bed.

PS: Warm weather returns tomorrow, Montrealers!

Here’s Window Shopping, 1. for ya.

90's High Waisted Denim Shorts

60s Dolly Collar Green Pleated Mini Dress (This would make an excellent show dress!)

Cowboy Boots

Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater with Nautical Stripe

Warm Sienna Brown Leather Purse

NYC, part 2.

(Part 1 is right here, y’all.)

We woke up to the hum of the city and blue skies.

The place we had planned to grab some coffee and breakfast had moved so we did some quick Googling and found Cafe Grumpy just down the street from us and the brew was excellent. On par with Cafe Myriade here in Montreal, for sure. I liked the crocheted portraits on the walls by artist Jo Hamilton.

Mike unceremoniously plopped a spoon into my cafe au lait just as I was taking this photo. Le sigh.


Mike had the wonderful idea to drop by the famous (and kinda wacky) photo store, B & H Photo, first thing in the morning to pick up us up each a holga camera with which to document our trip. Our plan is to create a grid/tableau from the best shots as a sorta keepsake- we haven’t gotten the pictures back yet, so I’ll post ’em here when they’re printed. We sipped our coffees and nibbled banana bread on the walk over. I’ve never been in a store quite like B & H- it’s run by Hasidic jews and is three stories high with an eleborate track system to deliver items from the stock room to the sales floor and then to the cash register (here’s a short video to give you an idea).

Water towers!

We hopped onto the subway (my first time of course!) and headed over to the madness of Canal Street to check out Chinatown and Little Italy. We wondered around, found some refreshing iced tea to sip on and slowly trawled the deals, fish mongers and a park where throngs of Chinese men played dominoes. We also found a good hat for the fair-skinned Mike and bargained it down to pocket change: rad!

We're pretty sure this place we walked by is where Ghostbusters was shot.

Domino games in the park

Mike with new hat + map!

We stopped for lunch at Bánh Mì Saigon Bakery for Vietnamese sandwiches (thanks to AEB for the recommendation) and root beer. The sandwiches were served on sliced baguette bread and filled with a lot of spicy, porky deliciousness!

We tucked in amid the shop’s jewelry counters and then wandered up some narrow streets with strong Scorcese-esque Italian overtones and clothing stores. On one of the side streets the passage was decorated with tinsel covered wire overhead and down below carny types were setting up fairground style games and concession stands for a street festival that was going to start the following day. We turned a corner and happened upon a fashion photo shoot and, well, it was a little silly.

We wanted to check out the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn and thought it might be fun to get there by walking over the bridge, so that’s what we did. It was a long hot walk, but the views from the bridge were pretty awesome and we hot footed it hoping to stop in at the famed Saltie as well as Glasslands, a venue a few different friends had recommended to us.

Once we touched down on the other side of the river, we found that we were pretty thirsty and stopped for some locally brewed beer at Luckydog before heading down to the water by way of a small, busy place called Grand Ferry Park not far from Glasslands and a few other venues we wanted to hit up later on.

We accidentally missed Saltie’s opening hours after all and, perhaps unsurprisingly, after an early wake-up + a day walking around the city under a hot sun + late afternoon beers, we were pretty exhausted and decided to forgo checking out any shows that night. We decided instead to close the day with more beer so we stopped by BarBerry’s happy hour and chilled out for a long while on their sidewalk terrace to people watch/ogle the generally awesome street style before more walking around the neighborhood and grabbing some pizza before heading ‘home’ to Chelsea.

Part three real soon with some lomo photos, hopefully!


Cosmic Alignment

Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck (1987)

My well-documented love of Nicolas Cage has found deeper levels of meaning this week after having read my horoscope in the Montreal Mirror. Here it is for you in full (from the Free Will Astrology site), the reading for our sign, that of Capricorn:

Nicolas Cage is a Capricorn. While performing his film roles, he often loses his composure. Of course the crazy things he does as an actor aren’t real and don’t lead to dire consequences in his actual life. But they afford him a great deal of emotional release. Let’s hypothesize that, like Cage, you could benefit from expressing the hell out of yourself without causing any mayhem. Is there a cork-lined sanctuary where you could go and safely unveil explosions of extreme emotions? Or some equivalent? For inspiration, check this Youtube compendium of Cage uncaged


Montreal Henge (via Tumblr)

I’m a bit behind on posting here on the blog due to busy-ness, but I hope to get back to it over the weekend, so check back soon. You can expect: new NYC photos and stories, more lists of cool stuff, that kinda thing. So, there you go, K$! Thanks for the encouragement.

(Check out Montreal Henge, whydontcha. And the newly opened Citizen Vintage! Plus, try to win tickets to Suoni!)


Hang Loose

You know what, I wanna see more natural boob shapes this summer. My bud Astria discussed this in a style profile I did with her for Worn Fashion Journal a few years ago and she pointed out that it seems that increasingly the main breast style in pop culture is the perfectly smooth and nipple-less half sphere. So boring!

Now, I understand that not everyone feels comfortable without a bra, especially ladies with larger cup sizes, and I also get that many people adore bras as garments. I have no desire to do away with them completely or impose my tastes onto anyone else… I’m just hoping that more folks consider sporting natural boob silhouettes for a change, complete with nipple shape, gentle roundness and natural sag, like in the good old days. It’s sexy, y’all.

Some inspiration…

Rebecca de Mornay in Risky Business (1983)

Jane Birkin

via Copenhagen Street Style

Patti Smith

Oh, and then there’s this:

via The Hairpin