Hang Loose

You know what, I wanna see more natural boob shapes this summer. My bud Astria discussed this in a style profile I did with her for Worn Fashion Journal a few years ago and she pointed out that it seems that increasingly the main breast style in pop culture is the perfectly smooth and nipple-less half sphere. So boring!

Now, I understand that not everyone feels comfortable without a bra, especially ladies with larger cup sizes, and I also get that many people adore bras as garments. I have no desire to do away with them completely or impose my tastes onto anyone else… I’m just hoping that more folks consider sporting natural boob silhouettes for a change, complete with nipple shape, gentle roundness and natural sag, like in the good old days. It’s sexy, y’all.

Some inspiration…

Rebecca de Mornay in Risky Business (1983)

Jane Birkin

via Copenhagen Street Style

Patti Smith

Oh, and then there’s this:

via The Hairpin

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