Window Shopping, 2.

I like to think that I have meaningful things to say and news to share which I always intend on posting about here, but tonight I’m puff-piece-ing it out with some eye-candy. Hope y’all have a sweet tooth!

Here are some items I’ve recently added to my Etsy favorites because I’m deliberating over whether to get them…though more often than not the question is whether I can afford them! Which is probably for the best, what with my stuffed closet.

Vibes >>> Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth + trip to the library + live projection performances at Suoni Per Il Popolo + crackers & cheese before bed.

PS: Warm weather returns tomorrow, Montrealers!

Here’s Window Shopping, 1. for ya.

90's High Waisted Denim Shorts

60s Dolly Collar Green Pleated Mini Dress (This would make an excellent show dress!)

Cowboy Boots

Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater with Nautical Stripe

Warm Sienna Brown Leather Purse


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