Stuff I Like Today

1. Suoni projections + projection performances galore! Last night my bud, Double Negative member Malena Szlam, projected beautiful 16mm images at the free Jerusalem in My Heart show at La Sala Rossa. Saturday will be especially fun and special as there’s an outdoor screening in a parking lot up near the tracks up by Van Horne. Come out, come out:

Click for Facebook event.

2. E-bow+ piano experiments…looking for new textures and sounds for the record with my upright piano. Looking into prepared piano techniques.

3.  Southern food…maybe it’s my Bahamian childhood rearing it’s head, hungry mouth open! The warm weather makes me crave certain foods so I’m researching best fried chicken recipes (can’t find too much of that golden awesomeness in town), biscuits, grits, collards, cold beer and the like.

4. The air-conditioned library. Recent books that I’ve picked up include Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef which I’d heard much about as well as a book about identifying bird species in Quebec, among others.

5. My new book club. Steal this idea: I’m now a part of a group of anglophone people who want to practice reading and speaking in French- voila, a book club provides all of the motivation needed to face down those goals! We’re starting off with Attentat by Amelie Nothomb. Other ways I’m practicing my second language: meeting regularly with a nice lady as part of a language exchange and using my trusty exercise book.

6. Our nasturtiums. The flowers are good in salads too! I think of these “our” flowers as we plant them every single year, now on our balcony, but previously in our garden plot back in St. Henri.

Outside of all of these loves, I’ve been pretty busy working on this album and some other band-related stuff, spending time at the excellent radio station CKUT and letting my hair get big and fuzzy in the humid heat. All of this stuff will turn up here in time.



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