The Great Inner City Outdoors Accidental Home Vacation

It all started with a pitcher of beer + fried chicken with sides + old friends at the Ice House on Roy street, Friday night afterwork. You know, the evening when the breeze started to cool down the grumpy sunburn also known as Montreal? That evening I started to realize that making plans and being busy was out and that maxing and relaxing was in.

On Saturday we climbed the mountain and looked for the Magic Sound Mountain installation with popsicles, chips and extra water on hand…and then continued to wander around the park after the performance. We found the cross, stared up at clouds, discovered a secret look-out as well as a rabbit warren’s worth of odd trails worn into the dirt and rock over a span of decades. We stayed outside all day and then headed down the big hill for more beer and veggie sandwiches at a quiet Casa del Popolo. We sat inside in the AC-ed room and listened to the NYC-themed PJ Harvey album.

Early Sunday afternoon we headed to the Jean Talon market (which we hadn’t been to in years) to suss out bargain and bought fresh eggs, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, beets, raspberries and blueberries and cantaloupe, cod for ceviche, vinho verde, three different kinds of smoked mackerel (pepper + herb + lemon) and more. We ate sausage sandwiches, drank orange Fanta soda and people-watched until we were full.

Then we went home to Verdun, napped and made a picnic-style feast with our foodie treasures to savour in the riverside park. We took our battery-operated shower radio along with us for musical accompaniment. Once again, the people watching, food, and breeze were supreme.

Triple threat of plaid!

After a few weeks of learning the ropes at my new job + spending weekends recording in noisy, windowless rooms + no trip back to the mecca that is the cabin in northern Saskatchewan, two and a half days spent almost entirely outside was exactly what I needed.

I wish all y’all summery days and time out-of-doors!



Stuff I Like Today

Photo of a storm over MTL by Mohamad Nagi.

1. Heat lightening + thunder storms like there were in the skies on Friday night, here in Montreal. Sat on my back balcony in the dark with Mike and watched the light show while sipping mint-infused water with ice, took a few photos. This Montrealer caught the rise of the storm pretty successfully:


2. Caught the last tune at the free Bombino show at Nuits D’Afrique Friday night and it was awesome. Nice long groove with Hendrix like guitar spazzing. The crew in the video below wasn’t who he was jamming with at the show (I don’t think) but it’s purty fun all the same:

3. Andrew the music dept. intern’s CORPUSSE show review:

Click for link to review

4. Broke down and bought skivvies. I feel pretty good about it, all in all, though I never did attempt to make my own in the end. Bought a new one piece bathing suit too, which was fun! My go-to swimsuit was strangely stretched out when I pulled it from the pile this summer, so I needed a new one (I have a go-to bikini also, but you kind need both, non?). I bought the one below in a 50s-ish powder blue…they don’t seem to feature that colour on-line. Love or hate AA (I harbour a bit of both) but their suits were way more affordable and interesting than many of the other options out there.

Nylon Tricot Halter One-Piece

5. Loving my new job! So much fun. I’m always surprised by how quickly the days sweep by and how early I want to go to bed these days.

6. Loving the analog type vibe of my life these days. For example: working on radio, shooting film (motion + lomo), playing vinyl and cassettes…

7. GOBBLE GOBBLE> July 28th at Sala Rossa (with Grimes + Pat Jordache)!

8. One of my all time fave fun movies THE WARRIORS (1979) is being presented as part of the Grindhouse series…this should be totally fun, especially if one were to dress up for it!

9. Reading zine reviews, missing zines…

10. Planning a camping trip!  Must get outta the city soon.


Noblesse Oblige

….is my DJ name. Here’s the two hour radio show I put together featuring lots of local Montreal and Canadian bands including Cousins, Ancient Kids, Mavo, Parlovr, Ledges Blast, Mozart’s Sister and many more. There are a coupla of teensy hiccups in the broadcast as it was my first time back in the saddle since March, except for one or two brief encounters in the interim. I also had Andrew the Intern hanging out in control room for the second hour so I handed him the reigns at one point. Thanks to Vince and AJ for lending me the Kitchen Bang Bang Law radio show this week!

Have a listen (the show gets started after about a minute in):

(photo credit)

Work Hard, Play Music

Martin timelapses the video shoot.

 Yesterday our (not-so-secret newly refreshed) band worked on a takeaway video in a greenhouse. It was hotter in there than the day outside, involved many run-ins with stinging nettle (ouch!), schlepping heavy gear and playing for a couple of hours after a day of drum tracking. But I think it was all worth it and, as usual, I’ll share the results here when all is said and done.

Also, our EP is being mixed, which means that we’ll be putting that out into the summer haze for sonic enjoyment pretty quickly! The LP is still under construction and is sounding purty good, if I can say so m’self.

In other news: I’ll be hosting the Kitchen Bang Bang Law radio show this upcoming Tuesday from 12-2pm; it’s a free form music show, so I’m planning my sets and getting pretty excited about them. I’ll be debuting my DJ name (oh yes, I have a DJ name) and spinning lots of new music as well as local stuff and summer tunes fer sure while Vince the usual host is out of town.

Lastly, for you cat lovers, this is kind of excellent and makes me almost wanna take the kitties camping with us! Almost.


Easy Breezy

A little staring at the sky to clear my head and chill out. I’m trying to get outdoors each day so that when I look back on this summer the accumulation of all the open air hours will make more of an impression on my memory than the many minutes spent indoors, staring at screens.


Love this blogger’s style, think I came across her site via Popcorn Plays/Natasha. She looks like how I feel today, a little undone, a bit unexpected, but completely herself.

Darling I Said

Alright then, back to it.

Work, that is. Kinda. When you work for a place as rad as CKUT 90.3FM it often feels like playtime amid the stacks. I’m the new Library and Promotions Coordinator for the Music Department which means that when I’m not checking out all the new music that comes in the mail and sifting through it, that I’ll be promoting the heck out of awesome bands, live sessions, putting on shows and pretty much showing off to the world everything we get up to. Like today’s edition of the Montreal Sessions as hosted by GMACKRR:

AJ making soundz while Erin W. snaps pix. Photo by Ardnell.

AJ (crouching) and GMACKRR. Photo by Erin W.

GMACKRR. Photo by Erin W.

So, do check out the CKUT Music Dept. blog + Twitter if you wanna spend more interweb time with me and music makers.


As far as my own music, the band has recorded most of the album and have snuck in an EP to tour with this summer as well. New name + tour dates + everything to be revealed verrrrry soon, dahlinks.


Lotsa bloggers and the like seem to be slowing down with the warmer weather due to vacations and travel and no good reason to sit down in front of a computer when it’s summer- but my excuse for the radio silence is sorta the opposite, as you now know. I’ve kicked into high gear plus my partner is away location scouting, so I’m pretending that I’m a newly emancipated empty nester figuring her way back into the wide world, which I recognize as perhaps being in bad taste.
  • Summer stuff that I wish I could make time for: going to awesome events, like these ones + figuring out how to wear this new long hair when it’s drippy hot out + a proper summer pedicure + finding a new bike + grilling whole fish + swimming + posting that third blog post about our NYC trip.
  • Summer stuff I have made time for: body shots at a crummy bar + many ice cream cones enjoyed down by the river in VerFun + Tree of Life + doubling on a bike on a cool summer night.
More blogging from me soon, for reals.

hair, lots of it