Alright then, back to it.

Work, that is. Kinda. When you work for a place as rad as CKUT 90.3FM it often feels like playtime amid the stacks. I’m the new Library and Promotions Coordinator for the Music Department which means that when I’m not checking out all the new music that comes in the mail and sifting through it, that I’ll be promoting the heck out of awesome bands, live sessions, putting on shows and pretty much showing off to the world everything we get up to. Like today’s edition of the Montreal Sessions as hosted by GMACKRR:

AJ making soundz while Erin W. snaps pix. Photo by Ardnell.

AJ (crouching) and GMACKRR. Photo by Erin W.

GMACKRR. Photo by Erin W.

So, do check out the CKUT Music Dept. blog + Twitter if you wanna spend more interweb time with me and music makers.


As far as my own music, the band has recorded most of the album and have snuck in an EP to tour with this summer as well. New name + tour dates + everything to be revealed verrrrry soon, dahlinks.


Lotsa bloggers and the like seem to be slowing down with the warmer weather due to vacations and travel and no good reason to sit down in front of a computer when it’s summer- but my excuse for the radio silence is sorta the opposite, as you now know. I’ve kicked into high gear plus my partner is away location scouting, so I’m pretending that I’m a newly emancipated empty nester figuring her way back into the wide world, which I recognize as perhaps being in bad taste.
  • Summer stuff that I wish I could make time for: going to awesome events, like these ones + figuring out how to wear this new long hair when it’s drippy hot out + a proper summer pedicure + finding a new bike + grilling whole fish + swimming + posting that third blog post about our NYC trip.
  • Summer stuff I have made time for: body shots at a crummy bar + many ice cream cones enjoyed down by the river in VerFun + Tree of Life + doubling on a bike on a cool summer night.
More blogging from me soon, for reals.

hair, lots of it



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