Work Hard, Play Music

Martin timelapses the video shoot.

 Yesterday our (not-so-secret newly refreshed) band worked on a takeaway video in a greenhouse. It was hotter in there than the day outside, involved many run-ins with stinging nettle (ouch!), schlepping heavy gear and playing for a couple of hours after a day of drum tracking. But I think it was all worth it and, as usual, I’ll share the results here when all is said and done.

Also, our EP is being mixed, which means that we’ll be putting that out into the summer haze for sonic enjoyment pretty quickly! The LP is still under construction and is sounding purty good, if I can say so m’self.

In other news: I’ll be hosting the Kitchen Bang Bang Law radio show this upcoming Tuesday from 12-2pm; it’s a free form music show, so I’m planning my sets and getting pretty excited about them. I’ll be debuting my DJ name (oh yes, I have a DJ name) and spinning lots of new music as well as local stuff and summer tunes fer sure while Vince the usual host is out of town.

Lastly, for you cat lovers, this is kind of excellent and makes me almost wanna take the kitties camping with us! Almost.



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