Stuff I Like Today

Photo of a storm over MTL by Mohamad Nagi.

1. Heat lightening + thunder storms like there were in the skies on Friday night, here in Montreal. Sat on my back balcony in the dark with Mike and watched the light show while sipping mint-infused water with ice, took a few photos. This Montrealer caught the rise of the storm pretty successfully:


2. Caught the last tune at the free Bombino show at Nuits D’Afrique Friday night and it was awesome. Nice long groove with Hendrix like guitar spazzing. The crew in the video below wasn’t who he was jamming with at the show (I don’t think) but it’s purty fun all the same:

3. Andrew the music dept. intern’s CORPUSSE show review:

Click for link to review

4. Broke down and bought skivvies. I feel pretty good about it, all in all, though I never did attempt to make my own in the end. Bought a new one piece bathing suit too, which was fun! My go-to swimsuit was strangely stretched out when I pulled it from the pile this summer, so I needed a new one (I have a go-to bikini also, but you kind need both, non?). I bought the one below in a 50s-ish powder blue…they don’t seem to feature that colour on-line. Love or hate AA (I harbour a bit of both) but their suits were way more affordable and interesting than many of the other options out there.

Nylon Tricot Halter One-Piece

5. Loving my new job! So much fun. I’m always surprised by how quickly the days sweep by and how early I want to go to bed these days.

6. Loving the analog type vibe of my life these days. For example: working on radio, shooting film (motion + lomo), playing vinyl and cassettes…

7. GOBBLE GOBBLE> July 28th at Sala Rossa (with Grimes + Pat Jordache)!

8. One of my all time fave fun movies THE WARRIORS (1979) is being presented as part of the Grindhouse series…this should be totally fun, especially if one were to dress up for it!

9. Reading zine reviews, missing zines…

10. Planning a camping trip!  Must get outta the city soon.



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