The Great Inner City Outdoors Accidental Home Vacation

It all started with a pitcher of beer + fried chicken with sides + old friends at the Ice House on Roy street, Friday night afterwork. You know, the evening when the breeze started to cool down the grumpy sunburn also known as Montreal? That evening I started to realize that making plans and being busy was out and that maxing and relaxing was in.

On Saturday we climbed the mountain and looked for the Magic Sound Mountain installation with popsicles, chips and extra water on hand…and then continued to wander around the park after the performance. We found the cross, stared up at clouds, discovered a secret look-out as well as a rabbit warren’s worth of odd trails worn into the dirt and rock over a span of decades. We stayed outside all day and then headed down the big hill for more beer and veggie sandwiches at a quiet Casa del Popolo. We sat inside in the AC-ed room and listened to the NYC-themed PJ Harvey album.

Early Sunday afternoon we headed to the Jean Talon market (which we hadn’t been to in years) to suss out bargain and bought fresh eggs, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, beets, raspberries and blueberries and cantaloupe, cod for ceviche, vinho verde, three different kinds of smoked mackerel (pepper + herb + lemon) and more. We ate sausage sandwiches, drank orange Fanta soda and people-watched until we were full.

Then we went home to Verdun, napped and made a picnic-style feast with our foodie treasures to savour in the riverside park. We took our battery-operated shower radio along with us for musical accompaniment. Once again, the people watching, food, and breeze were supreme.

Triple threat of plaid!

After a few weeks of learning the ropes at my new job + spending weekends recording in noisy, windowless rooms + no trip back to the mecca that is the cabin in northern Saskatchewan, two and a half days spent almost entirely outside was exactly what I needed.

I wish all y’all summery days and time out-of-doors!



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