Dos & Dont’s

Why not a do’s and don’ts? Gotta start blogging again somehow- it’s been almost a month since my last post! It would seem that a summer spent indoors being busy and fabulous leads to a decreased internet journaling presence.

DO: Go through through your deep storage and start wearing clothes made by your 12-year old self. Take this t-shirt for example, violet (my then-favorite colour), covered with what appears to be finger-painted depictions of peace signs, happy suns, happy faces, some random circles and flare and the sentiment ‘Amber Party’. A total win, non?

Photo by TGS.

DON’T: Panic about a decreased real world presence. I’ve had to miss a few birthday bashes (Lara’s included- boo), shows and cool socials this summer and what I’ve learned is that it’s best to finish what you’ve started (a record and EP) and to invest in self-care and Netflix when feeling burned out. I find that the stick-to-it-ness and self-care route is best chased by a enthusiastic bout of autumn and winter event planning. Wardrobes will be better then anyway.

DO: Fantasize long and hard about trips out of the city, for example, our up-coming camping trip to Mont Tremblant National Park. I’m planning mix CDs, menus and trails and hoping that the weather is good enough for some lake beach time. Let me know if you have camp fire recipes to share! I’m thinking of prepping some yummy dessert squares and salads to bring along for the ride. Grilled wieners and beer are a given. I’ll post my drive-to-the-campsite playlist here when it’s all done!

DON’T: Believe your movie-loving partner for one minute when he says that he will hold off from watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes (which I’ve been incorrectly referring to as Planet of the Apes, Rise Up!) while he’s out of town, especially when the weather gets rainy where he is and the reviews coming in are good. So I’m going in a group and am looking for gorilla hands (gloves) because, well, come on that would be awesome and less in your face than a gorilla mask. I know that the apes in the movie aren’t gorillas, by the way.

DO go see Roxanne at Narcisse et Echo for a haircut, seriously the best salon experience of my life (down-to-earth, great instincts and expertise) as a curly-haired gal.

DON’T watch Cutthroat Island (1995) on Netflix, the sound isn’t working properly, all you can hear is the soundtrack!

DO try the fried chicken (tangy) and deep-fried peach pie (topped with vanilla ice cream) at Ice House, but go early in the evening to get a table.

OK, an extra ‘do’ for ya: read the CKUT music department blog Total Eclipse, whydontcha, or follow us on Twitter. That’s where you’ll find me most of the time these days.



  1. love.
    oh and i totally had a similar t-shirt. it was tie-dyed blue and i painted a fish on it. pretty sure there was a peace sign painted on the back too. if i still had it we could start a trend.

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