Goodbye Mr. Layton

The news of Jack’s passing is very sad. I am grateful for the hope he inspired in so many people and the grace and integrity he demonstrated on the job. It is moving that he made sure to write a letter to Canadians before his death. I wish you all continued hope and determination in effecting positive social change in this country.




  1. Sympathetic, strong and smiley jack is not among us but let’s remember him with all great things he thought, said and achieved for Canadian as those should be road map for current and future politicians to make Canada a better place to live, love and laugh for all Canadian as Mr.Layton was referring to always like father.

  2. HOW CUTE IS THEIR HOUSE??? Still so so so so sad. Surprised how much this is affecting me – I suppose it is because so few politicians actually seem to care about us. And he spent his life caring about us. Oh god, the waterworks are starting again….

  3. Love the porch! I’ve been pretty tearful too. I’m so sorry for the hurt everyone who got their hopes up are feeling but I’m hoping all of this inspires positive change right now when we need it most….what with this conservative nightmare in place.

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