Secret’s out.

A Holga-made double exposure from this summer.

So my band has changed our name to Cobra & Vulture + released an EP called Seer (download it for free!) + recorded two live, stripped down performances for Southern Souls. Hope you like it all! More below:

“Friends, we are pleased to present our band. We still love Nightwood, but that is now a band from before, and here is Cobra & Vulture.  

This summer, we took a week off from recording a full length album to write and self-record an EP called Seer. You can find Seer here, an intimate EP about clairvoyance, worry and hope, mixed by the legendary David Krajic.

There are also two take-away videos we filmed with the lovely and talented Mitch Fillion for Southern Souls. Have a look at them here

We are double plus excited to be hitting the stage this month. We will be in Toronto at Forgetus Collective on September 17th, at a Slapback event. And on September 26th, we will be playing in Montreal at O Patro Vys (event on the Facebook).”

The new band deets: Bandcamp / Tumblr / Twitter / Facebook

[vimeo] [vimeo]

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