Stuff I Like Today

1. I love Sonja’s blog…and art. I know I am so silly but I haven’t yet had a chance to check out her book The Selves. I like how she writes for each of her posts in a sorta stream of consciousness with bits of pop and fine art detritus. Love the shots of her Yukon home too.

 2. Cadence Weapon’s last MTL Sessions show last week where he invited my local favorite Mozart’s Sister in to play a couple of tunes. Check out the archive and interview right here. Yesterday’s Montreal Sessions were the first of Pop Montreal‘s reign over the program- they’re  on every Tuesday in September from 3-5pm. Yesterday included a pretty cool interview by Sean from Said the Gramophone interviewing Dan Seligman the festival director and included a live set by the incredibly charming Ira Lee. More over here.

Mozart's Sister. Photo by Noah Bick

3. Crooklyn (1994) By Spike Lee. Watched it for the first time last time with Mike and we both agree that it’s a pretty excellent portrayal of kids in that it doesn’t patronize them and is pretty spot on about their social interactions. I was totally weepy by the end!

4. What my Tumblr has revealed about me to me: I’m one of those Tumblr users who pretty much only re-blogs images other people have posted and I recently scrolled back through it looking for an image to send to someone and discovered that I have some pretty strong themes going on there: lace and white dresses, Hendrix, bearded Paul McCartney with family, land art, quirky jewelry usually consisting of miniaturized versions of household objects, patterned clothing, 60s musicians, nostalgic pop cultural references, big hair, painted nails, hippie-ish and rustic interiors/shelters and terrariums. Some Simpsons jokes.

5. Google Reader– why did I resist thee for so long?

6. Getting paid to be a knitwear model. Aaaah yeaaaah. Had to stuff my bra and try to look tall, but it all worked out in the end! Photos soon enuf.

7. Getting recognized in the street by the local mixed marshall arts master after shooting a video in his boxing ring.

8. This evening I realized that around this time last year I was planning to leave my former place of work. I was also craving quiet solitude and had thought of going on a silent retreat. Then fall, winter and spring came and went: I lived in jeans and sweaters and wrote songs and worked in my studio. Here on the other side of that sabbatical of a sort, I am no longer feeling quiet and am quite excited about most everything. I like that today for sure and big time.

9.  The Cousins Secret Weapon/Speech 7″10. CKUT on the Free Music Archive! Yip, yip!

*11.*BONUS: Mike’s salvaged movie program schedules from the drive-in movie theaters he filmed out west this summer. Have a look!

Gotta do these more often,


PS: Gaaaaaah, can’t seem to finish part 3 of the NYC trip back from May! Gotta few other posts to put up too and some collage, etc. Check back soon! For now, a breezy looking photo taken on the Williamsburg bridge:

Photo by Mike! Holga!


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