Gratuitous Kittie-ness, or, It’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to.

Having animals in your home is kinda like having kids on a way smaller scale in that you accumulate objects that don’t jive aesthetically with the rest of one’s place, you know? Take the scratching post below. The blonde cat, Ash a.k.a. Prince had a long day last week (vaccuum cleaner woes, men with heavy boots walking around,etc) and so pushed the scratching post into my studio and stuck with it, kinda like a capsized fisherman washed up onto the comforting side of a lighthouse. What a baby.

…And here is me with the two furry babes early in the morning taking a portrait for Mike’s birthday:

…And a video we shot for K$’s birthday last year, should anyone have missed the glory:


..And while we’re reviewing:



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