Polyp plays this Wednesday

I was invited to screen my one-take Super 8 film POLYP this Wednesday at a cine-club, details below…

Do stereotypes still control women’s identity? Are they still current but in a more pernicious way? Having been around for so long, how can women today find their identities outside of society’s pre–established boundaries?

This program will examine women’s identity crisis and how they examine themselves related to the stereotypes supposed to represent them.

  • POLYP, Amber Goodwyn, 2min. 50sec. super 8 black and white, 2009 : « My nipples contract like sea anemones » One-take in-camera edited film about an anxious sexual identity. With the presence of the artist.
  • Les filles du Roy, Anne Claire Poirier, 56min.16mm color, 1974 : Essay retracing Quebec women’s multiple figures throughout different time eras : the Indian, la fille du Roy, the religious, the Corriveau, the colon’s wife and the soldier’s wife, also the modern woman, worker and mother, the exploitation of her traditional qualities and her degradation to women-object.

Doors open 7h30pm
Projection starts 8pm

Facebook event


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