If You Got Ears

Tune into CKUT 90.3FM tomorrow, Wednesday, to have a listen to a chilled out post-holiday-deep-winter-sugar-and-coffee fueled radio DJ sesh’ with yours truly for the If You Got Ears radio show. Listen along on-line! xo

UPDATE: Here’s the archived audio! Lotsa stuff on there, a seasick Bowie, Arcade Choir, Tanya Tagaq, et plus!


Photos, interviews, bands, oh my!

Something I’ve recently developed for the CKUT music blog is a template for profiles on the bands who’re invited to the Montreal Sessions, our monthly artist-in-residency show. Do traipse on over there and check out out profiles on Cresting and Sheer Agony, the latter who’ll be playing live sometime between 3-5pm today as part of the Fixture Records residency. Tune in to CKUT 90.3FM or listen on-line.Ta!

PS: Do check out the CKUT archives for the show I did for New Shit on Monday December 9th between 3-5pm! Chris Watson, Dixie’s Death Pool, and much more! Play list to be posted up over here later today.


It’s been a long time since I last visited Expozine, one of the biggest (if not the biggest- hurrah!) zine fairs in North America. Ever since I stopped publishing Lickety Split in 2008 (it was run by Sarah Beall for a while after that) it seems like I haven’t been able to make it out to the fair for one reason or the other, so it was a treat to be able to go and visit all the tables I used to hit up at zine fairs when I myself was bent from stapling/hauling/selling folded paper.

Here’s what Mike and I picked up:

  • A couple of recent issues of Querencia Zine
  • Culture Slut #25
  • Femme A Barbe #1 + #2
  • A few postcards by One Sentence Stories (one thrown in for free!)
  • An issue of Paula Belina’s Good Good Bon Bon zine (excellent collages on each of the covers!)
  • A CD of music by Steve Godin called Trust Me (with a horned goddess featured on the cover)
  • The latest edition of Four Minutes to Midnight Issue 12 which commemorates the 10th anniversary of Expozine and includes selections from a sampling of zines that have been sold at the fair over the years including Lickety Split.
  • Sherwin Tjia‘s new book You Are A Cat, a choose-your-own-adventure about, well, being a cat. So funny (plus makes for a great holiday gift!). He also kicked in a copy of his latest purring cat CD ‘E-Z-Purr‘.
  • Music Is Rapid Transportation…From The Beatles to Xenakis‘, edited by Daniel Kernohan
  • Maidenheadlock, a beautiful silk-screened , magazine-sized zine
  • Radical Montreal’s city guide zine
  • An issue of Ghostbusters illustrated by Salgood Sam
  • A print (not pictured) of a post-apocalyptic Montreal featuring the Big O
  • Collier’s Popular Press, a collection of the Saskatchewan-bron artist’s work that was published in newspapers and magazines, which we bought directly from Andy at the Conundrum table who then pointed out that Dave Collier was sitting at the table. Mike’s been a long time collector of Colliers work and is also from Saskatchewan and so the two got along like a house on fire. Dave inscribed our copy of the book (and sketched our likenesses) and we left the fair as ultra happy customers!

David Collier