My eyes have not been loving contact lenses for the last while which worries me a bit because I don’t like not being able to see properly. I have some great Warby Parker frames but I’m thinking that I might nab a second pair of glasses to have more styling options. I started trolling a couple of my fave style blogs and couldn’t find any great pix to use as inspiration…so I headed over to Advanced Style and found what I was looking for!


I practice riverside-ism; a spiritual balm for this city soul.

I took some tea and my binoculars and camera down to the river to let the wind blow right through me. Took some photos through the binoculars too. Spotted lots of different kinds of water birds as well as younger people setting off fire crackers. The river grass was at least two feet taller than me and there were secret trails hidden in them. I love Verdun.

Happy St-Jean!

A terrible photo of a heron.

An even more terrible photo of a new (to me) white water bird that was nipping up minnows for its supper.

An album for being or becoming sad. The saddest album.

There are some movies and albums that I can’t get too close to if I want to maintain an even keel, and White Chalk by PJ Harvey is one of those works. I realized this a couple of months ago while listening to it on my way in to work when I arrived at the job feeling introspective and not a little blue. But sometimes it’s nice to settle into a little sadness when you are already melancholy instead of wrestling with the mantle of being sociable, outwardly happy and ultimately likeable. I’m a pretty happy person, I feel very lucky and satisfied with most things in my life – but sometimes a little malaise is in order. Perhaps it’s a little like eating spicy food on a hot day, it makes you appreciate summer more fully.

In my opinion, White Chalk is the most introspective and fleeting of Harvey’s work, clocking in at just over thirty minutes. The spindly tunes make little use of her usual guitar attack, setting aside the comfort and ease of the six strings in favour of tinkling piano, banjo, autoharp and organ arrangements. The lyrical content is less angry and urgent sounding than her typical output, focused rather on loss, regret, leaning toward the more passive end of the spectrum of dark feelings.

Below is the album’s first single, When Under Ether, however my favorite song is the title track, White Chalk. Bring on the cooling sads…

I got bangs cut, y’all.

As a naturally wavy, fine-haired gal, I’d never seriously thought about getting bangs – just thought they were something that would never work for me and a few buds and former hair dressers confirmed my suspicions. I’d always wanted to give ’em a go what with my somewhat tall (noble? filled with brains?), slightly-scarred forehead to see how it would change what I felt and looked like.

With all that doubt and nay-saying, I suppose it made sense that I would get them unexpectedly: my hair dresser (what a term) Mathilde over at Douze suggested a fringe out-of-the-blue when I walked into her salon looking for a trim and a new shape. And so, the bangs finally happened. Mathilde was quick to instruct me as to how to best style them for my hairtype while cutting and drying my new ‘do. They’ve been lots of fun ever since!

Moments after they were first cut, hair’s longer now, that’s for sure.



R.I.P. Montreal Mirror, best of luck to all of its writers and boo to English free weeklies going out of print! My heart goes out to all of the newspaper’s employees who were unceremoniously dumped without warning, many hearing of the closure via social media instead of, say, their employer. Here are a couple of interesting articles for you, via Bugs Burnett for The Gazette and Maisonneuve magazine, about the shocking death of English weeklies in Montreal.

MTL Mirror, love it or hate it, has long been an important compliment and supporter of Montreal’s diverse artistic and cultural activities for over 25 years. It has been a big part of my life (Best of Montreal! Rant Line! Noisemakers! Etc!) and I’d like to share my 2005 nomination to the Noisemakers list- thanks to Vince Tinguely, once again. I was such a baby back then.

PS: Plans are afoot to make sure the internet isn’t the only source of MTL cultural news…more soon!



My band completed another EP called Vocare, by the way. It features tunes about “vocational shifts/heeding a call/healing rifts/bridging gaps.  Vocal swathed tunes with organ tones, steely beats, textured percussion, muted guitar strings.” Both of our EPs are now available on a cassette tape too.

Here are some videos I made for the latest and greatest- footage excerpted from a film featured on the VHS copy of the 1978 Fantastic Animation Festival, sourced from the Prelinger Archives:

Long weekends are for colouring in, no need to keep within the lines.

I have the reins of my day job firmly in hand and have come back to you, sweet blog, offering some spare time to you once more. How about a post with my suggestions for what to do with the long weekend ahead? PS: Please update your bookmarks, etc from ambergoodwyn.com (alas) to ambergoodwyn.worpress.com, thnx.

Tonight, Friday – Might I suggest the Ollie North + Maica Mia Oshow happening over at the gorgeously curated shop Citizen Vintage (5330 St. Laurent). Only $4 to check out two excellent bands: Maica Mia has been holding a place on the CKUT charts for a couple of months now with their album Sparcity Blues and Ollie North was just featured on the Free Music Archive, a repository of excellent, freefreefree music. So there! It’s gonna be rad. Show by brand new tape label Amiable Hundred, doors at 6pm, performances at 7. FB event here.


Update: If yer in the Mile End area: check out the St-Jean Black Flag Dreamy Pirate Party going on under the Van Horne bridge on St. Laurent. Music will be spun by Dirtyboots, Julie D, Aaron Maiden, Back Door, Otherpeoplesmusic and more! 3pm. Free of course.

UPDATE: (a little embarrassing, this is actually happening July 21st, jeez):::Check out THE PSYCHEDELIC CLASSROOM event happening as part of Pop Montreal’s Bike-In movie series. This edition will be a fundraiser for Film Pop in the fall and will feature unintentionally psychotropic educational/instructional/instituTional films from the 70s. Presented by A/V Geeks (special guest SKIP ELSHEIMER will be in attendance) and Le Cineclub/The Film Society, class will be in session on the McAuslan patio (located in St. Henri along the canal and  bike path) and could easily take you from 2pm to 11pm, except…

That Cool Fest XII.II is this weekend! This is Saturday + Sunday, so do check out the full line-up on the FB event page for the lists of bands (lots of out-of-towners and locals like ManyMental Mistakes and Jef Barbara), details about tarot readings and delicious food and all the rest of it.

via Studio XX

Monday – nothing for it, one must check out Andrea-Jane Cornell playing a solo set in support of Susan Alcorn (pedal steel composer/musician) at Casa del Popolo.

Sprinkled freely throughout the days: sipping minted water, summer time styling, grieving the loss of the Montreal Mirror, watering plants, citrus-y beer. Some songwriting, maybe even with the piano. Bike rides in the park, reading. Visits with friends and family. Housework. Not in that order.

Stay cool in the heat!