R.I.P. Montreal Mirror, best of luck to all of its writers and boo to English free weeklies going out of print! My heart goes out to all of the newspaper’s employees who were unceremoniously dumped without warning, many hearing of the closure via social media instead of, say, their employer. Here are a couple of interesting articles for you, via Bugs Burnett for The Gazette and Maisonneuve magazine, about the shocking death of English weeklies in Montreal.

MTL Mirror, love it or hate it, has long been an important compliment and supporter of Montreal’s diverse artistic and cultural activities for over 25 years. It has been a big part of my life (Best of Montreal! Rant Line! Noisemakers! Etc!) and I’d like to share my 2005 nomination to the Noisemakers list- thanks to Vince Tinguely, once again. I was such a baby back then.

PS: Plans are afoot to make sure the internet isn’t the only source of MTL cultural news…more soon!


Goodbye Montreal Mirror


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