I got bangs cut, y’all.

As a naturally wavy, fine-haired gal, I’d never seriously thought about getting bangs – just thought they were something that would never work for me and a few buds and former hair dressers confirmed my suspicions. I’d always wanted to give ’em a go what with my somewhat tall (noble? filled with brains?), slightly-scarred forehead to see how it would change what I felt and looked like.

With all that doubt and nay-saying, I suppose it made sense that I would get them unexpectedly: my hair dresser (what a term) Mathilde over at Douze suggested a fringe out-of-the-blue when I walked into her salon looking for a trim and a new shape. And so, the bangs finally happened. Mathilde was quick to instruct me as to how to best style them for my hairtype while cutting and drying my new ‘do. They’ve been lots of fun ever since!

Moments after they were first cut, hair’s longer now, that’s for sure.



  1. oooh, love the new bangs. I had bangs all though high school and ditched them as ‘too juvenile’ when left home, but was happy to get a sharp new set awhile ago (just before second baby, I think) Very flattering I think, on most people and they look rad on you!

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