Hello again, Grasslands, et plus!

Album art, y'all!

Album art, y’all!

It’s been a really busy, long time since I last posted here! I wasn’t sure what to write as so many changes had gone on in my life, so I think I’ll list some of the fun, item-izable stuff:

  1. I’ve moved to Western Canada, specifically Saskatchewan! Not sure how long I’ll be out here, but it’s neat cuz my band Cobra & Vulture have finally released…
  2. …our prairie-themed album, Grasslands (do go on ahead and purchase a copy)! Since I can’t jam with my band on the regular, I’ve been…
  3. …hosting an hour long freeform radio show called Natural Sympathies and DJing events under that moniker as well.
  4. Have been writing for the free independent weekly in Regina called the Prairie Dog, doing mostly fashion and style interviews as well as music reviews.
  5. Working on new tunes and writing, but nothing shareable just yet!

Ok, now that that’s all out of the way, I can start posting on the regular again.

A !


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