Mare Internum



I’m performing a new work called Mare Internum (internal ocean) at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival next week in Regina. I was inspired by the wonder of holding conch shells to my ear when I was young and listening to the sound of the ocean inside of them. Now that I’m expecting a child myself, I thought I would share the secret ocean inside my own body in the same quiet and mysterious way by offering a shell with the sound of the baby’s heartbeat inside. Here’s the program description of the performance:

  • Mare Internum: A live audio art durational performance inviting passerby to listen to the sound of the ‘internal ocean’ through a large sea shell, amplifying the sound of Goodwyn’s own body, and that of her baby’s heartbeat. Created in collaboration with Ian Campbell and supported by Holophon. Costuming by Lisa Wicklund from Seed and Amber Goodwyn.

I’ll be performing twice during the festival, first as part of the Holophon collective’s Experimental Sounds event on Thursday May 22nd at 7:30pm at the Unitarian Centre on College Avenue (corner of Angus), and at the street fair on Saturday May 24th at 1pm in front of Seed Sustainable Style (3100 13th Ave.).




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