Wives’ Tale at Antimatter Media Art Festival

I’m pleased to announce that Wives’ Tale has been programmed as part of the Antimatter Media Art festival’s 2014 edition. The film is part of the A Million Miles Away screening on Thursday, October 30th; check out this page for details.


Holophon’s Mentorship Program For Emerging Audio Artists

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been selected for Holophon’s Mentorship Program for Emerging Audio Artists. The program is nine months long and will conclude in a performance at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival in May 2015. I will share updates about my work in the program here, as ever.

Holophon Audio Arts Inc. is a not-for-profit arts organization that supports and promotes sound art practices through live performances, workshops, community events, and educational programming.


The second edition of the Queen City Walking Distance Distro was delivered throughout Regina’s downtown neighbourhoods in August and September and featured work by Ian Campbell, A. Cabrera, Rebecca Caines, Erika Folovnic, Jennifer Matotek, Aidan Morgan, Chris Morin and Gerda Ostenek. Read all about it here!