New work: Weather (White Noise Palace)


Please join me for the installation of my new work Weather (White Noise Palace) on Tuesday, May 18th at the Artesian on 13th as part of the Holophon at the CVAF V concert at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. The other artists in the program include Eric Hill, Jaye Kovach, Ian Campbell, Ryan Hill, and Ellen Moffat. Doors open at 7pm and the event is free!

Weather (White Noise Palace): This new work utilizes electric box fans and the GUI Gluey tool to build site-specific structures that mimic the white noise-filled environment the artist created to shield her newborn infant from intrusive noises. The work also references the unpredictable and all-encompassing nature of infancy and new motherhood, much like the weather.

Weather (White Noise Palace) was created with support of Holophon Audio Arts Mentorship Program and in collaboration with The Gluey Group. Thanks to Ryan Hill, Fiona Rollo, Mike Rollo, Ernie Dulanowsky, Ronald J, Bernard Flamen, the University of Regina Film Department and The Gluey Group for their contributions to the project.

About The Gluey Group:
The Gluey Group, founded by Ned Bartlett and John Campbell, have designed a tool, the GUI Gluey, to facilitate in the creation of new media artworks by allowing artists to focus on the artistic process and to meet the technical requirements leading from the impetuous to the fruition of their artwork.


September and October 2008


Nightwood goes on tour with Parlovr! Check out the dates on our MySpace page.
Nightwood will also be playing at L’Agitee festival in Quebec City with Herman Dune on October 4th.
We have a new video for the song THE BIKERIDERS!!! Check it out here! Page by *safesolvent, video by Mike Rollo.
Double Negative Collective will be presenting a LOOP SHOW installation at CTRL LAB as part of Film Pop at Pop Montreal on October 3rd from 7-11pm. Members of our collective will have constructed 16mm and S8mm film loops to be installed in and around the gallery, mine will be about sea monsters and cryptozoological phenomenons.
It’s called:





…and the Facebook page is here!

I’m part of Pop MTL/PUCES POP’s “Show & Tell”
SHOW & TELL (made possible by CALQ) presented by Puces POP!

Where: Mile-End Cultural Center (5386 St. Laurent) and MORE

Featuring work by: Farha Dharshi, Shannon Gerard, Amber Goodwyn, Kandis Friesen, Logan MacDonald, Allison Moore, Brendan Reed, Marc Simard, and Vanessa Yanow.

The Vernissage is happening on October 1st, from 5 – 7 pm and features a video performance by Brendan Reed (6 pm) and an Artist Talk by Amber Goodwyn (6:30 pm) 5386 St. Laurent. Facebook event page here!

I’ve passed Audio Smut onto a dynamic group of ladiezzz so check out the newly re-formed collective’s next show Wednesday October 8th!!! 90.3 fm!! Montreal’s C-K-U-T!

…more soon: Slow dances, Lickety launches, etc….

An update about what I’ve been up to in the last six months!

It’s been a while since I updated this business, so here’s a recap of what’s been going down…

– We launched Lickety Split #5: The Multiples Issue ( + a limited edition version ) way back in November! We also attended all the relevant craft and book fairs possible.
– We’re launching issue #6 of Lickety Split – The Risk Issue, July 4th at Sala Rossa! Check it out.

– My band Nightwood launched and toured! To get the low down or to buy our debut recording, Big City E.P., please check out our new website!
Nightwood‘s music video for the song Cave of the Spleen was made by *safesolvent and shown in a lot of places, including MuchMusic! Check it out here.
– I shot a coupla rolls of Super 8 while on tour with Nightwood and that will be made into something sooner or later, I’m sure.
– Also, we’re developing the next music video idea for Nightwood’s song The Bikeriders.

FILM (+ video)
sunday afternoon [Super 8, 3minutes, 2004, with Mike Rollo], screened at Images Festival in Toronto this April.
– My film collective Double Negative had a group screening at Ex-Centris in March. Paper Nautilus (2005) was shown.
– You can check out more on the DN website by clicking the links above, no problem. We’ve done loads of stuff.

– Looks like my sculpture work will be shown during Pop Montreal – more soon. Yay!

Slow Dance Night is an evening of all slow songs, all night long that I developed with and put on with Sherwin Tjia of Perpetual Emotion Machine Productions. We’ve hosted four so far, in conjunction with many folks including the St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival and Worn Fashion Journal. Next up we’re hitting Ottawa! For info, check out the blog here.
– I’ve spoken on a McGill University D.I.Y. Porn Panel with Sharing is Sexy and Pornopticon.
– Um…also check out the links to the various projects for info on rock shows, interviews and the like.

Whew! If I forgot anything, I’ll update it when I remember. Thanks for reading!

Foire / Fair comme si tout allait bien

From May 18 to June 16
Opening: Friday, May 18, starting at 5pm

This exhibition’s original intent was to present a collective expression of the participatory, team spirit that informs the centre’s activities while also highlighting each participant’s complex artistic identity. The first task was to find an idea that would suite active members and reflect the 2006-2007 call for proposals, under the theme As If All Were Well.

After several proposals were rejected, the concept changed and expanded to include all those who had been active at Skol this past year, along with their invitees from among emerging artists and Skol alumni. Artists were invited to present sketches and drawings, expressions of individual impulses and a testament to the source and origin of all artistic projects.

This group show, then, is the outcome of a collective construction developed over the course of a year. It reflects an experimental disposition and offers a living portrait of the Centre, in all its temporal, spatial, and relational ramifications. Whatever the field of practice, all productions emerge from a project, a draft, a vision.

Taking place in a festive atmosphere, the exhibition expresses a diversity and an energy that run both through its program (see right column →) and the works that it presents.

Information : 514-398-9322 |

Participating Artists

Barry Allikas • Matilda Aslizadeh • Héloïse Audy • Ian August • Erin Baillie-Rutter • Jo Ball • Mathieu Beauséjour • Chantal Bélanger • Alexis Bellavance • Thomas Bégin • Jesus Bejar • Françoise Belu • Nancy Belzile • Claudia Bernal • Anne Bertrand • Anne Bérubé • Sarah Blouin • Suzanne Blouin • Catherine Bolduc • Andréanne Bouchard • Carl Bouchard • Belinda Campbell • Dgino Cantin • Nicolas Ceccaldi • Joceline Chabot • Leanne Cipriano • Sébastien Cliche • Cooke-Sasseville • Pete Corrie • Sylvie Cotton • Geneviève Crépeau • Claude Dallaire • Adriana De Oliveira • Nathalie Derome • Robin Deyo • Ève Dorais • Jeremy Drummond • Caroline Dubois • Martin Dufrasne • Patrice Duhamel • Matthieu Dumont • Chantal Durand • Åsa Elzén • Brendan Fernandes • Louis Fortier • Gabrielle & Arthur • Marc Garneau • Manuelle Gauthier • Philippe Girard • Amber Goodwyn • Andrew Harder • Thomas Kneubühler • Guillaume LaBrie • Constance LaBrie • Patric Lacasse • Louis-Pierre Lachapelle • Natalie Lafortune • Francine Lalonde • Marcio Lana-Lopez • Éric Laplante • Maryse Larivière • Geneviève Larouche • Renée Lavaillante • Isabelle Laverdière • Mathieu Lefèvre • Corine Lemieux • Marion Léonard-Contant • Véronique Lépine • Guy L’Heureux • Hélène Lord • Patrice Loubier • Dave Macaulay • Véronique Malo • Jean Marois • Anna Madelska • Louise Mercure • Michael Merrill • Nikki Middlemiss • Aude Moreau • Anne-Marie Ninacs • Alexis O’Hara • Tana Paddock • Christiane Patenaude • Josée Pellerin • Hoang Pham • Liz Phillips • Julie Picard • Mireille Plamondon • Benoit Pontbriand • Éric Raymond • Lucie Robert • Daniel Roy • Bruno Santerre • Hélène Sarrazin • Camille Sarrazin-Dallaire • Bernard Schütze • Chantal Séguin • Vida Simon • Robin Simpson • Anick St-Louis • Gwenaël Stamm • Cindy Stockton Moore • Catherine Sylvain • Julie-Andrée T. • Felicity Tayler • Yves Théoret • Roman Tkaczyk • Marie-Ève Tourigny • Hélène Vanier • Myriam Yates • Mikolaj Ziolkowski

My Own Private Atlantis

My Own Private Atlantis 61″ x 33″. (Assorted found fabric, canvas, acrylic paint, thread)

For Threads art show, Galerie Espace, Montreal, January 2007.

Mapping a Place from Memory
+ My Own Private Atlantis:

Tell Me A Story

Tell Me A Story (Found braille paper, acrylic paint, coloured push pins)

For Threads art show, Galerie Espace, Montreal, January 2007.

Mom 1 + Mom 2

For Threads art show, Galerie Espace, Montreal, January 2007.

Mom 1 (Recycled fabric and fur, found shell, thread, wood)

Mom 2 (Recycled fabric and fur, found leaves, thread, wood)

Mom 1 + Mom 2:

Mapping a Place from Memory

Mapping a Place from Memory (Patterned found fabric, vellum, pen & pencil, acrylic, nails)

For Threads art show, Galerie Espace, Montreal, January 2007.

Mapping a Place from Memory + My Own Private Atlantis:

THREADS Art Show: About

Work By Anita Schoepp and Amber Goodwyn
January 31st to February 5th 2007
At Galerie Espac

Threads is a showing of new multimedia work by Amber Goodwyn and Anita Schoepp, two friends, co-workers and collaborators. Concerned with the excavation of buried parts of the individual’s identity, both artists pose searching questions and offer playful ruminations with their art practices. These two artists’ work overlaps in an exploration of portraiture and storytelling investigating identity. Anita’s work examines many people and Amber’s explores the one. In so doing, their work is linked together by difference, including the fact that Anita’s video installation is innately extroverted, due to the nature of performance, while Amber’s work is introspective.

It Started with a Simple Question is an immersive video installation by Anita Schoepp wherein twenty-one different people performed their answer to the question ‘how would you personify your sexuality?’ The installation serves to examine how we approach sexuality, whether we use to seek out sex or if it has a broader emotive influence on how we interact with ourselves, others and shared spaces.

The catalyst for Amber Goodwyn’s work is her family photographs which dictate her art practice as one of reflection upon interior life, personal mythology and self-fictionalization. Focusing on her mother Phyllis, Amber has created a series of mixed-media portraits and landscapes that reinterpret her memory of growing up in the Bahamas.

Artist Statement for Amber Goodwyn:

The catalyst for Amber Goodwyn’s work is her family photographs which dictate her art practice as one of reflection upon interior life, personal mythology and self-fictionalization. Focusing on her mother Phyllis, Amber has created a series of mixed-media portraits and landscapes that reinterpret her memory of growing up in the Bahamas.

The work included in this show is an elaboration upon themes presented in Amber’s short film Paper Nautilus (2005) and excerpts from her Video Diaries (2004-2005). These two works can be viewed on the TV in the gallery window.

Amber is also interested in storytelling, secrets and imaginings, especially as they relate to her own family and persona. The main subject of these works is her mother, Phyllis, who Amber finds indefinable due to the many fascinating aspects of this woman’s life, whose stories are not Amber’s to tell.