Wives’ Tale – Tiny Magic: film and video from ten saskatchewan artists


I’m please to announce that Wives’ Tale will be included in the Tiny Magic screening, programmed by Amber Christensen. Details below!

When: doors at 8pm and screening starts at 8:30pm
Friday September 19th, 2014
Where: Filmpool (301-1822 Scarth St. Regina, SK)
Admission: $5 or PWYC (pay what you can)

After Party with Shakey and Elevators (from Saskatoon)!!

Tiny magic. Conjuring all kinds of feelings. Film and video from ten Saskatchewan artists. Sometimes surreal, sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical and sometimes sweet, all filled with tiny potent magic.

Featuring in no particular order:

Amber Goodwyn “Wive’s Tale” (2013)
Sarah Abbott “Why I Hate Bees” (1997)
Jennifer Sparrowhawk “Mysterium” (2014)
Thirza Cuthand “You are a Lesbian Vampire” (2008)
Ian Campbell “Many Brains, Many Eyes” (2014)
David G. LaRiviere “Son of Ronald” (2008)
Allysha Larsen “School of Athens” (2013)
Clark Ferguson “Dead Meat” (2008)
Callen John Diederichs “Local Girls” (2013)
Shakey Wilson “Farm Sandwich Golf Day” (2014)




Grande_banniere-DoubleNegatif copy


August 21, 2013 at 9pm
& BBQ with chef CHRISSY DURCAK invited by Labo culinaire Foodlab

9pm: free film screening


David J. Romero & Eduardo Menz, Anne-Michèle Fortin, Sonya Stefan & Charlotte Bonin, Steven Woloshen & Alexandra Grimanis, Mike Rollo, Amber Goodwyn, Marjorie Lemay, Daïchi Saïto, Suzie Synnott & Georges Mauro, Claudie Lévesque, José Garcia-Lozano, André Habib, Charles-André Coderre, Guillaume Vallée, Karl Lemieux, Malena Szlam, John Porter, Terryll Loffler, Stéphane Calce, Alexandre Larose and Kara Blake.
Shot on a 50-foot cartridge of super-8mm, all films in the program were either made in a single take or edited in-camera. What you see projected is exactly how they were filmed.
Most of these films were originally created for the past Montreal editions of One Take Super 8 Event, organized by Double Negative in collaboration with Alex Rogalski, who is a programmer at TIFF and Hot Docs and the founder of One Take Super 8 Event, which began in 2000.

Where: Place de la Paix, boul. Saint-Laurent, between rue Ste Catherine and boul. René-Lévesque Est (next to la SAT)

For more info, click HERE 


My band completed another EP called Vocare, by the way. It features tunes about “vocational shifts/heeding a call/healing rifts/bridging gaps.  Vocal swathed tunes with organ tones, steely beats, textured percussion, muted guitar strings.” Both of our EPs are now available on a cassette tape too.

Here are some videos I made for the latest and greatest- footage excerpted from a film featured on the VHS copy of the 1978 Fantastic Animation Festival, sourced from the Prelinger Archives:

Make-Up Artist/To Make Up For Lost Time

Busy, busy. Life has been wonderful and full. The well that is this blog, well, less so lately. So here are two videos for you: I don’t usually post my ‘real’ films and videos on-line, but for these two an exception was made. Enjoy:

Lyric For Our Home Song (Video Sketch) (2005): “A snippet of visual conversation steeped in domesticity and centered around the ritual of morning tea” – excerpt from Anitmatter 2006 festival guide

River Eyelid (2010) Super 8 (Dual Projection), Co-Direction with Mike Rollo: Lake takes a breath; looks left, swims right.



Polyp plays this Wednesday

I was invited to screen my one-take Super 8 film POLYP this Wednesday at a cine-club, details below…

Do stereotypes still control women’s identity? Are they still current but in a more pernicious way? Having been around for so long, how can women today find their identities outside of society’s pre–established boundaries?

This program will examine women’s identity crisis and how they examine themselves related to the stereotypes supposed to represent them.

  • POLYP, Amber Goodwyn, 2min. 50sec. super 8 black and white, 2009 : « My nipples contract like sea anemones » One-take in-camera edited film about an anxious sexual identity. With the presence of the artist.
  • Les filles du Roy, Anne Claire Poirier, 56min.16mm color, 1974 : Essay retracing Quebec women’s multiple figures throughout different time eras : the Indian, la fille du Roy, the religious, the Corriveau, the colon’s wife and the soldier’s wife, also the modern woman, worker and mother, the exploitation of her traditional qualities and her degradation to women-object.

Doors open 7h30pm
Projection starts 8pm

Facebook event

Eye Light at MUFF tonight!

Last minute event announcement: The 52 Pick-UP video project (weekly videos made over the span of a year), conceived and run by Dayna McLeod is having a screening tonight at Pote:er (6029 du Parc) as part of the Montreal Underground Film Festival. One of my videos, Eye Light, is included in the program, which is quite similar to the program that showed at the Edgy Women Festival in March (completely failed to report that screening at all- sorry!).

In related news, I’ve decided to not complete my year of videos with the project as my creative life feels too busy with the band making a record. Initially I joined up because I thought that making weekly videos would be a fun way to keep my film chops up, especially with my limited video set-up of a handheld point-and-shoot camera with a video function, but I’ve since decided I’d rather not make unrigorous work. I mean, it didn’t have to be unrigorous, but it was becoming that way as my time and attention steadily focused elsewhere. The good news is that I’m slowly working on a Super 8 film and hope to be sharing news about it sometime in the future.


New video for watching

A home work, made today for 52pickupvideos.com. I’m calling it On the Double Feature.

Gonna get more serious about these weekly video diaries. I quite liked making this one and working with my limitations (small point-and-shoot style camera with a video setting + no tripod). Sending in my Super 8 from this summer to the lab next week, can’t wait to check that out! Hopefully the images are lovely enough to inspire an optical printing sesh’.


Video Diary 1: Veil Gazing

Click to watch video.

I’ve started creating a year’s worth of weekly videos as part of the 52 Pick-Up video project created by Dayna McLeod. Nightwood was involved with this project previously and I have decided to forge ahead on my own to keep myself in touch with making moving images regularly. I think these short videos could eventually be edited together in a longer project or might even work as studies for Super 8 and 16mm films. It’s also quite fun to be part of such a neat and eclectic group of artists.


Here are some notes from the 52 Pick-Up website:

  • 52 Pick-Up is a series of videos made by anyone who is up for the challenge of making one video a week for 52 weeks straight.
  • 52 Pick-Up is a video production challenge. Equivalent to drawing a sketch-a day or writing a page-a-day, it’s an exercise in endurance to get the juices flowing with a quick deadline that can be used as an excuse for both brilliance and failure. 52 Pick-Up is meant to stimulate and challenge, excite and ignite viewers and participants alike about video, different ways of working, diverse points of view, and having bragging rights and the goods to go with having made one video a week for an entire year.
  • It’s like a Master Cleanse for Video Makers.
  • More here!