Body Double Explorers Club


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I am taking part of this satellite bit of programming relevant to the EXPERIMENTAL GEOGRAPHY exhibit entitled BODY DOUBLE EXPLORERS CLUB as a guest speaker…um, well speaking while someone in another city relays what I’m saying in person to a captive audience in an interview context. Cool! This Saturday!

  • “Join us Saturday night at the Waffle Shop when six fascinating people from around the world will take our stage for a not-to-be-missed edition of the talk show. The only catch is you, the audience, have to sit in for guests or their voices won’t be heard. Audience members will act as local physical avatars for global guests from countries including Iran, Finland, and India. As our host asks questions, participants in the shop will wear headphones and repeat the virtual guests verbatim.THE BODY DOUBLE EXPLORERS CLUB is an open league whose members explore the world through the bodies of others. THE BODY DOUBLE EXPLORERS CLUB is being presented in conjunction with the exhibition Experimental Geography, Guest curated by Nato Thompson at the Miller Gallery.

From the exhibition notes for EXPERIMENTAL GEOGRAPHY, guest curated by Nato Thompson at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University (my bud Astria Suparak is the Director there):

  • “The manifestations of “experimental geography” (a term coined by geographer Trevor Paglen in 2002) run the gamut of contemporary art practice today: sewn cloth cities that spill out of suitcases, bus tours through water treatment centers, performers climbing up the sides of buildings, and sound art of the breaths exhaled in running Boston’s evacuation route. In the hands of contemporary artists, the study of humanity’s engagement with the earth’s surface becomes a riddle best solved in experimental fashion.”

September and October 2008


Nightwood goes on tour with Parlovr! Check out the dates on our MySpace page.
Nightwood will also be playing at L’Agitee festival in Quebec City with Herman Dune on October 4th.
We have a new video for the song THE BIKERIDERS!!! Check it out here! Page by *safesolvent, video by Mike Rollo.
Double Negative Collective will be presenting a LOOP SHOW installation at CTRL LAB as part of Film Pop at Pop Montreal on October 3rd from 7-11pm. Members of our collective will have constructed 16mm and S8mm film loops to be installed in and around the gallery, mine will be about sea monsters and cryptozoological phenomenons.
It’s called:





…and the Facebook page is here!

I’m part of Pop MTL/PUCES POP’s “Show & Tell”
SHOW & TELL (made possible by CALQ) presented by Puces POP!

Where: Mile-End Cultural Center (5386 St. Laurent) and MORE

Featuring work by: Farha Dharshi, Shannon Gerard, Amber Goodwyn, Kandis Friesen, Logan MacDonald, Allison Moore, Brendan Reed, Marc Simard, and Vanessa Yanow.

The Vernissage is happening on October 1st, from 5 – 7 pm and features a video performance by Brendan Reed (6 pm) and an Artist Talk by Amber Goodwyn (6:30 pm) 5386 St. Laurent. Facebook event page here!

I’ve passed Audio Smut onto a dynamic group of ladiezzz so check out the newly re-formed collective’s next show Wednesday October 8th!!! 90.3 fm!! Montreal’s C-K-U-T!

…more soon: Slow dances, Lickety launches, etc….

An update about what I’ve been up to in the last six months!

It’s been a while since I updated this business, so here’s a recap of what’s been going down…

– We launched Lickety Split #5: The Multiples Issue ( + a limited edition version ) way back in November! We also attended all the relevant craft and book fairs possible.
– We’re launching issue #6 of Lickety Split – The Risk Issue, July 4th at Sala Rossa! Check it out.

– My band Nightwood launched and toured! To get the low down or to buy our debut recording, Big City E.P., please check out our new website!
Nightwood‘s music video for the song Cave of the Spleen was made by *safesolvent and shown in a lot of places, including MuchMusic! Check it out here.
– I shot a coupla rolls of Super 8 while on tour with Nightwood and that will be made into something sooner or later, I’m sure.
– Also, we’re developing the next music video idea for Nightwood’s song The Bikeriders.

FILM (+ video)
sunday afternoon [Super 8, 3minutes, 2004, with Mike Rollo], screened at Images Festival in Toronto this April.
– My film collective Double Negative had a group screening at Ex-Centris in March. Paper Nautilus (2005) was shown.
– You can check out more on the DN website by clicking the links above, no problem. We’ve done loads of stuff.

– Looks like my sculpture work will be shown during Pop Montreal – more soon. Yay!

Slow Dance Night is an evening of all slow songs, all night long that I developed with and put on with Sherwin Tjia of Perpetual Emotion Machine Productions. We’ve hosted four so far, in conjunction with many folks including the St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival and Worn Fashion Journal. Next up we’re hitting Ottawa! For info, check out the blog here.
– I’ve spoken on a McGill University D.I.Y. Porn Panel with Sharing is Sexy and Pornopticon.
– Um…also check out the links to the various projects for info on rock shows, interviews and the like.

Whew! If I forgot anything, I’ll update it when I remember. Thanks for reading!

Education: To learn, must we be taught? >>> a discussion

I am participating in a discussion series on living independently from social systems for the University of the Streets Café. Here is the information for the evening. It would be great to see you there!

Univ of the Streets series pt1: To learn, must we be taught?

Friday, September 14
Living Outside the System! Pt 1, Education: To learn, must we be taught?
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Venue: , Coop La Maison Verte, 5785 Sherbrooke O

We will discuss several ways in which education can be re-defined ‘outside
the system’, and address issues that arise from independent approaches to
education. We hope to consider some issues which are common in standard
school systems – such as assessment, consumerism and political participation
– and explore alternative educational formats (such as that used by the
University of the Streets Café!)

Heather McShane is a course leader at the Thomas More Institute.
Heather did her early schooling in England, completed her university degrees
in Scotland and has taught in Spain, England and Fiji. Amber Goodwyn is a
multidisciplinary artist working at Head & Hands. Amber holds a BFA in Film
Production from Concordia University and is an alumni of MIND School, where
in collaboration with the NFB, she directed a segment on independent
education as part of the documentary SALT.