Stuff I Like Today

(Illustrator and author) Jill Barkem's desk

(Illustrator and author) Jill Barkem’s desk

Petra Collin's Menstruating Vagina T-Shirt

Petra Collin’s Menstruating Vagina T-Shirt

Zomes' Time Was album (Thrill Jockey)

Zomes’ Time Was album (Thrill Jockey)


CKUT's funding drive!

CKUT’s funding drive!

Killjoy's Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House

Killjoy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House


Stuff I Like Today


1. Adding Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings by Chris McMahon & Thyrza Segal

2. Alex Ross’s Listen to This


3. Kimchi, as ever and Korea House (1427 11th Ave Regina, SK) right now!


Our delicious, delicious kimchi!

4. Prairie Dog Magazine’s 20th Anniversary celebrations! If you’re Regina-based, considering supporting Queen City’s only alternative weekly keep healthy and hale by placing a support message.


5. Jerusalem in My Heart’s track Yudaghdegh el-ra3ey walal-ghanam from the upcoming Mo7it Al-Mo7it on Constellation Records.

6. Blue Hawaii’s Try To Be from the up-coming Untogether album on Arbutus Records.

7. My partner Mike Rollo’s new film The Broken Altar about drive-in movie theatres which is all finished and starting to move out into the world. More soon!

Colour-grading The Broken Altar, photo + film by Mike Rollo

Colour-grading The Broken Altar, photo + film by Mike Rollo

8. These 70s platforms


9. John Nugent‘s Studio in Lumsden, SK, by architect Clifford Wiens. Remember when I was exulted about finding an earth ship? Well, turns out that I now know the family of the architect who built that building for a local sculptor. It isn’t an earth ship, turns out, but it is a Heritage site.

View from above the studio

View from above the studio

Inside the studio

Inside the studio

My original snapshot from 2010

My original snapshot from 2010

10. Regina’s YWCA Fitness program: affordable, not too busy, close to home!


I practice riverside-ism; a spiritual balm for this city soul.

I took some tea and my binoculars and camera down to the river to let the wind blow right through me. Took some photos through the binoculars too. Spotted lots of different kinds of water birds as well as younger people setting off fire crackers. The river grass was at least two feet taller than me and there were secret trails hidden in them. I love Verdun.

Happy St-Jean!

A terrible photo of a heron.

An even more terrible photo of a new (to me) white water bird that was nipping up minnows for its supper.

Stuff I Like Today

1. My new job at CKUT 90.FM…Music Coordinator babyyyyy! I’m honoured to take over from the rad Andrea-Jane Cornell and to work for such an amazing and inspiring radio station.

Andrea-Jane Cornell

2. Su in Verdun: delicious Turkish haute cuisine (or sumthin’), complete with a freshly redecorated interior and a young, busy vibe that’s sort of Plateau-ish. I had the delicious lamb chops and Mike had the rabbit; both were very delicious especially with the Turkish wine we had to wash it down. Think we might go back for mezes (like tapas) and a cocktail sometime soon!

3. My new portable iTelephone, first cell eva…took the photo below (of Mike) with it:

4. Cooking big dinners with leftovers on Sunday nights as well as muffins for on-the-go breakfasts during the week.

5. BBC series dramas like North & South. I can’t help myself (sorry Jess)!

Stuff I Like Today

1. The Road Ended at the Beach and Other Legends: This is a four part film program curated by my friend Brett Kashmere regarding the “Escarpment School” of filmmakers that emerged from Ontario (including, among others, Rick Hancox, Richard Kerr, Phillip Hoffman, Steve Sanguedolce), their film and video work and the  work they then inspired in other filmmakers (Mike Rollo, for example). Programmers and filmmakers will be in attanedance and tonight is the first screening at the Segal Centre. For full details and detailed information visit Brett’s website or check out the Facebook event page!

By Sonja Elizabeth Ahlers

2. Rookie, the new magazine for teenage girls edited by teenage style wunderkind Tavi. I’m often late to the the party when it comes to pop cultural stuff, but i’m glad I finally made it over to the website! Sonja has made some lovely images for the magazine to boot, so cool.

3. Campus Mixtapes and mixes in general! I especially like this one and this one so far.

4. Natasha’s Montreal Sessions residency this month, great guests, interviews and music.

5. Quantum Leap TV series The only TV I’m watching these days.

6. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon (thanks to J for lending it to me)

7. Basin/Bassin by Andrea-Jane Cornell

8. Oh yes, the momentous support the McGill student body demonstrated for CKUT in our recent existence referendum!

9. Music, of course: getting ready to write another EP with Cobra & Vulture, mixing the full length record, practicing country tunes at the station occasionally with my co-worker Slick (we debuted a Patsy Cline cover live on air during the Venus Radioke show earlier in the month!).

10. Hats. In desperate love of them, especially with autumn stylings…my tumblr is kinda chock full of them lately!

a xo

Stuff I Like Today

1. Stayed healthy during the Pop Montreal festival: tabled both days of the record fair while finishing up my cold, didn’t haul too much home, just a few records (Mahalia Jackson, Roberta Flack with Donny Hathaway, Paul Simon’s Graceland for Mike, plus Yamantaka//Sonic Titan CD) as well as a Psychic Handshake t-shirt, which I love. Photo soon.

2. The Cindy Crabb (Doris zine) + Jeff Miller (GHOST PINE zine) reading at Le Cagibi on Thursday evening, which is the Montreal launch of Crabb’s The Encyclopaedia of Doris. I won’t be able to make it, but I urge y’all to go- both of these peeps are great writers and zine makers. Thanks to Radical Montreal for the tip!

3. Sick Friend’s The Draft Dodger

4. The latest issue of Good Housekeeping. Yeah, that’s right. I was in the check out line at the grocery store and the first thing that caught my eye was the pumpkin followed closely by the ‘Sleepless?’ headline and then the ‘slow cooker suppers’…which has become increasingly relevant to me, once again, now that I’m arriving home too tired to cook some nights.

5. Mini-Wheats. Never been a cereal kinda girl but I’ve been going hard on these guys. Like, craving them even.

6. Having half-cleaned my studio. Not so bad!

7. Autumn everything: cooler weather, cooler fashions, warmer foods, darker beer…mmm. Movies watched under blankets, kitties on laps. Visits to the river in sweaters. Pressuring The Goode Neighbours into letting us give out Halloween candy from their porch! None of these listed items have come to pass yet, but I def’ Like Them Today.

8. Playing shows with the band again, the new tunes are growing up on stage out of the studio and feeling great.

9. Painting my nails all different colours.

Lola tried to help with the correcting.

10. Coming home to home cooked meals PLUS baking (banana strawberry bread!). Yum.


Stuff I Like Today

1. I love Sonja’s blog…and art. I know I am so silly but I haven’t yet had a chance to check out her book The Selves. I like how she writes for each of her posts in a sorta stream of consciousness with bits of pop and fine art detritus. Love the shots of her Yukon home too.

 2. Cadence Weapon’s last MTL Sessions show last week where he invited my local favorite Mozart’s Sister in to play a couple of tunes. Check out the archive and interview right here. Yesterday’s Montreal Sessions were the first of Pop Montreal‘s reign over the program- they’re  on every Tuesday in September from 3-5pm. Yesterday included a pretty cool interview by Sean from Said the Gramophone interviewing Dan Seligman the festival director and included a live set by the incredibly charming Ira Lee. More over here.

Mozart's Sister. Photo by Noah Bick

3. Crooklyn (1994) By Spike Lee. Watched it for the first time last time with Mike and we both agree that it’s a pretty excellent portrayal of kids in that it doesn’t patronize them and is pretty spot on about their social interactions. I was totally weepy by the end!

4. What my Tumblr has revealed about me to me: I’m one of those Tumblr users who pretty much only re-blogs images other people have posted and I recently scrolled back through it looking for an image to send to someone and discovered that I have some pretty strong themes going on there: lace and white dresses, Hendrix, bearded Paul McCartney with family, land art, quirky jewelry usually consisting of miniaturized versions of household objects, patterned clothing, 60s musicians, nostalgic pop cultural references, big hair, painted nails, hippie-ish and rustic interiors/shelters and terrariums. Some Simpsons jokes.

5. Google Reader– why did I resist thee for so long?

6. Getting paid to be a knitwear model. Aaaah yeaaaah. Had to stuff my bra and try to look tall, but it all worked out in the end! Photos soon enuf.

7. Getting recognized in the street by the local mixed marshall arts master after shooting a video in his boxing ring.

8. This evening I realized that around this time last year I was planning to leave my former place of work. I was also craving quiet solitude and had thought of going on a silent retreat. Then fall, winter and spring came and went: I lived in jeans and sweaters and wrote songs and worked in my studio. Here on the other side of that sabbatical of a sort, I am no longer feeling quiet and am quite excited about most everything. I like that today for sure and big time.

9.  The Cousins Secret Weapon/Speech 7″10. CKUT on the Free Music Archive! Yip, yip!

*11.*BONUS: Mike’s salvaged movie program schedules from the drive-in movie theaters he filmed out west this summer. Have a look!

Gotta do these more often,


PS: Gaaaaaah, can’t seem to finish part 3 of the NYC trip back from May! Gotta few other posts to put up too and some collage, etc. Check back soon! For now, a breezy looking photo taken on the Williamsburg bridge:

Photo by Mike! Holga!

Stuff I Like Today

Photo of a storm over MTL by Mohamad Nagi.

1. Heat lightening + thunder storms like there were in the skies on Friday night, here in Montreal. Sat on my back balcony in the dark with Mike and watched the light show while sipping mint-infused water with ice, took a few photos. This Montrealer caught the rise of the storm pretty successfully:


2. Caught the last tune at the free Bombino show at Nuits D’Afrique Friday night and it was awesome. Nice long groove with Hendrix like guitar spazzing. The crew in the video below wasn’t who he was jamming with at the show (I don’t think) but it’s purty fun all the same:

3. Andrew the music dept. intern’s CORPUSSE show review:

Click for link to review

4. Broke down and bought skivvies. I feel pretty good about it, all in all, though I never did attempt to make my own in the end. Bought a new one piece bathing suit too, which was fun! My go-to swimsuit was strangely stretched out when I pulled it from the pile this summer, so I needed a new one (I have a go-to bikini also, but you kind need both, non?). I bought the one below in a 50s-ish powder blue…they don’t seem to feature that colour on-line. Love or hate AA (I harbour a bit of both) but their suits were way more affordable and interesting than many of the other options out there.

Nylon Tricot Halter One-Piece

5. Loving my new job! So much fun. I’m always surprised by how quickly the days sweep by and how early I want to go to bed these days.

6. Loving the analog type vibe of my life these days. For example: working on radio, shooting film (motion + lomo), playing vinyl and cassettes…

7. GOBBLE GOBBLE> July 28th at Sala Rossa (with Grimes + Pat Jordache)!

8. One of my all time fave fun movies THE WARRIORS (1979) is being presented as part of the Grindhouse series…this should be totally fun, especially if one were to dress up for it!

9. Reading zine reviews, missing zines…

10. Planning a camping trip!  Must get outta the city soon.


Stuff I Like Today

1. Suoni projections + projection performances galore! Last night my bud, Double Negative member Malena Szlam, projected beautiful 16mm images at the free Jerusalem in My Heart show at La Sala Rossa. Saturday will be especially fun and special as there’s an outdoor screening in a parking lot up near the tracks up by Van Horne. Come out, come out:

Click for Facebook event.

2. E-bow+ piano experiments…looking for new textures and sounds for the record with my upright piano. Looking into prepared piano techniques.

3.  Southern food…maybe it’s my Bahamian childhood rearing it’s head, hungry mouth open! The warm weather makes me crave certain foods so I’m researching best fried chicken recipes (can’t find too much of that golden awesomeness in town), biscuits, grits, collards, cold beer and the like.

4. The air-conditioned library. Recent books that I’ve picked up include Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef which I’d heard much about as well as a book about identifying bird species in Quebec, among others.

5. My new book club. Steal this idea: I’m now a part of a group of anglophone people who want to practice reading and speaking in French- voila, a book club provides all of the motivation needed to face down those goals! We’re starting off with Attentat by Amelie Nothomb. Other ways I’m practicing my second language: meeting regularly with a nice lady as part of a language exchange and using my trusty exercise book.

6. Our nasturtiums. The flowers are good in salads too! I think of these “our” flowers as we plant them every single year, now on our balcony, but previously in our garden plot back in St. Henri.

Outside of all of these loves, I’ve been pretty busy working on this album and some other band-related stuff, spending time at the excellent radio station CKUT and letting my hair get big and fuzzy in the humid heat. All of this stuff will turn up here in time.


Stuff I Like Today

1. Making a record. Today the other two let me make noise with an organ and it was good fun.

Hipstomatic photo by Erin!

2. Sleeping in one’s own bed and waking up whenever.

3. Fixture Records’ second compilation. Includes music by Mavo, Dirty Beaches, Brave Radar, Freelove Fenner and other coooool bandsssss.

4. Alden Penner’s 4 song recording Odes to the House. Some travel-inspired spirituals by a pop song craft-ster!

5. No longer living in a construction zone. The roof has been roofed, the ceilings and moldings have been mended and repainted, my studio is pretty much all put together and all is well in the world. Yesss! Soon we’ll be able to have people over for BBQs! Edwardian-themed dinner parties! We can really focus on the back balcony garden! You know, enjoy the season!

6. Our trip to NYC. I think this one will become a 2 or 3 part blog report.

7. Donating to excellent causes like the Root.ED trip to Senegal.

8. Just Kids by Patti Smith.

9. Long walks down by the river (is this on every non-winter SILT list I make?).

10. Having our record player hooked up again. Time for some epic listening sessions complete with lots of album art gazing!