My eyes have not been loving contact lenses for the last while which worries me a bit because I don’t like not being able to see properly. I have some great Warby Parker frames but I’m thinking that I might nab a second pair of glasses to have more styling options. I started trolling a couple of my fave style blogs and couldn’t find any great pix to use as inspiration…so I headed over to Advanced Style and found what I was looking for!


I got bangs cut, y’all.

As a naturally wavy, fine-haired gal, I’d never seriously thought about getting bangs – just thought they were something that would never work for me and a few buds and former hair dressers confirmed my suspicions. I’d always wanted to give ’em a go what with my somewhat tall (noble? filled with brains?), slightly-scarred forehead to see how it would change what I felt and looked like.

With all that doubt and nay-saying, I suppose it made sense that I would get them unexpectedly: my hair dresser (what a term) Mathilde over at Douze suggested a fringe out-of-the-blue when I walked into her salon looking for a trim and a new shape. And so, the bangs finally happened. Mathilde was quick to instruct me as to how to best style them for my hairtype while cutting and drying my new ‘do. They’ve been lots of fun ever since!

Moments after they were first cut, hair’s longer now, that’s for sure.

Easy Breezy

A little staring at the sky to clear my head and chill out. I’m trying to get outdoors each day so that when I look back on this summer the accumulation of all the open air hours will make more of an impression on my memory than the many minutes spent indoors, staring at screens.


Love this blogger’s style, think I came across her site via Popcorn Plays/Natasha. She looks like how I feel today, a little undone, a bit unexpected, but completely herself.

Darling I Said

Window Shopping, 2.

I like to think that I have meaningful things to say and news to share which I always intend on posting about here, but tonight I’m puff-piece-ing it out with some eye-candy. Hope y’all have a sweet tooth!

Here are some items I’ve recently added to my Etsy favorites because I’m deliberating over whether to get them…though more often than not the question is whether I can afford them! Which is probably for the best, what with my stuffed closet.

Vibes >>> Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth + trip to the library + live projection performances at Suoni Per Il Popolo + crackers & cheese before bed.

PS: Warm weather returns tomorrow, Montrealers!

Here’s Window Shopping, 1. for ya.

90's High Waisted Denim Shorts

60s Dolly Collar Green Pleated Mini Dress (This would make an excellent show dress!)

Cowboy Boots

Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater with Nautical Stripe

Warm Sienna Brown Leather Purse

Hang Loose

You know what, I wanna see more natural boob shapes this summer. My bud Astria discussed this in a style profile I did with her for Worn Fashion Journal a few years ago and she pointed out that it seems that increasingly the main breast style in pop culture is the perfectly smooth and nipple-less half sphere. So boring!

Now, I understand that not everyone feels comfortable without a bra, especially ladies with larger cup sizes, and I also get that many people adore bras as garments. I have no desire to do away with them completely or impose my tastes onto anyone else… I’m just hoping that more folks consider sporting natural boob silhouettes for a change, complete with nipple shape, gentle roundness and natural sag, like in the good old days. It’s sexy, y’all.

Some inspiration…

Rebecca de Mornay in Risky Business (1983)

Jane Birkin

via Copenhagen Street Style

Patti Smith

Oh, and then there’s this:

via The Hairpin

First Lady of Cinema

I was walking along with my beau and mentioned how much I’ve been loving menswear lately and that I’d had a small fantasy earlier in the afternoon about trying to pair menswear inspired clothes with 1940s hair, and he was like, ‘Like Katharine Hepburn?’. Exactly! I’m also gonna work on letting my freckles show. “I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear.” -K.H.

Window Shopping, 1.

Thought I’d sort through and share my Etsy ‘Favorites’/window shopping picks for spring and summer!

vintage 1970's GUNNE SAX calico jacket

vintage 90s chambray hooded spring jacket

plaid ultra high waisted two piece

Fox Tote

Colorful vintage Plaid Madras Sundress

vintage 1960s evergreen wiggle dress

vintage EQUESTRIAN wrap skirt

red mexican tunic with colorful embrodiery flowers and birds.

Super Supayana

The agents of chaos (cats) soon found their furry ways into this sweet paper bag.

New dress alert! Remember my “Stuff I Like Today” post from earlier this week and the Supayana frock I featured? Well, I now own that little number except it’s even more special than before cuz Yana did it up for moi in a paler floral fabric which I think suits me better. We met this morning in Verdun (she’s my neighbour!) and I was surprised to find a blue fringe necklace was tossed into the bag to sweeten the deal. Hooray! Here are a few photos for ya, none of which properly show off how short I requested the dress to be (a finger skimming 30″ in length).

Also: Gung Hei Fat Choy to those of you who celebrate the Chinese New Year!

A xo

Excuse my make-up spattered looking glass.

Gimme Lace

You can have your Mad Men styling: gimme some Edwardian and Victorian goodies instead! I’m digging the Gibson Girl vibe.

Fessing up: Watched Howards End (1992) this weekend and am waist deep in Charlotte Bronte’s Villette. What’s to become of me? More lace shirts and wistful hairdos, surely. Perhaps some dresses with hints of men’s tailoring, long skirts and necklaces…I also love photos of placard carrying suffragettes and am currently using some of their images in some poster art.

There’s a lovely post about Howards End over on Design*Sponge which inspired me to borrow the film from the library in the first place.  Howards End fits in nicely with some other period films set in England that are filed in my mid-to-late-winter movie library for their wint-blues-banishing lush English gardens and romanticism; another stand by is The Secret Garden (1993).

For the past few days since watching the film, I’ve trotted out all of my long, wintery skirts and have paired them with lace long sleeve button up blouses and have let my hair go super curly. I just love this look, even though it makes for an unusual image when practicing driving (or ‘motoring’), learning how to tech a live radio show and practicing with a roc band- all of which was part of my day yesterday.

This video is hilarious…

(Click images for sources.)