Hello again, Grasslands, et plus!

Album art, y'all!

Album art, y’all!

It’s been a really busy, long time since I last posted here! I wasn’t sure what to write as so many changes had gone on in my life, so I think I’ll list some of the fun, item-izable stuff:

  1. I’ve moved to Western Canada, specifically Saskatchewan! Not sure how long I’ll be out here, but it’s neat cuz my band Cobra & Vulture have finally released…
  2. …our prairie-themed album, Grasslands (do go on ahead and purchase a copy)! Since I can’t jam with my band on the regular, I’ve been…
  3. …hosting an hour long freeform radio show called Natural Sympathies and DJing events under that moniker as well.
  4. Have been writing for the free independent weekly in Regina called the Prairie Dog, doing mostly fashion and style interviews as well as music reviews.
  5. Working on new tunes and writing, but nothing shareable just yet!

Ok, now that that’s all out of the way, I can start posting on the regular again.

A !


This is my desk which I have given to you, do this in remembrance of me

Hey folks >>> Change o’ plans! I’m going to head out west for a few months with my partner. Wanna apply for my sweet job? Here’s the deal:

CKUT 90.3 FM, a campus community radio station in Montreal, is hiring a Music Coordinator, responsible for the functioning of the station’s Music Department.

The responsibilities of the position include collective management of the radio station as part of the Steering and Programming committees, music volunteer coordination, supporting new and existing music programming, liasing with the music industry, managing the station’s music library, promotion of and outreach to the Montreal music community, and providing training opportunities for volunteers.

The ideal candidate posses a varied skill set including an in-depth knowledge of music and strong familiarity with the local music community, strong organizational and coordination skills, the ability to multitask and triage priorities as well as the ability to work collaboratively with others. Assets include previous experience in community radio and bilingualism.

Deadline for applications is 10am Wednesday, August 15th, 2012…Read the full job description here!

An album for being or becoming sad. The saddest album.

There are some movies and albums that I can’t get too close to if I want to maintain an even keel, and White Chalk by PJ Harvey is one of those works. I realized this a couple of months ago while listening to it on my way in to work when I arrived at the job feeling introspective and not a little blue. But sometimes it’s nice to settle into a little sadness when you are already melancholy instead of wrestling with the mantle of being sociable, outwardly happy and ultimately likeable. I’m a pretty happy person, I feel very lucky and satisfied with most things in my life – but sometimes a little malaise is in order. Perhaps it’s a little like eating spicy food on a hot day, it makes you appreciate summer more fully.

In my opinion, White Chalk is the most introspective and fleeting of Harvey’s work, clocking in at just over thirty minutes. The spindly tunes make little use of her usual guitar attack, setting aside the comfort and ease of the six strings in favour of tinkling piano, banjo, autoharp and organ arrangements. The lyrical content is less angry and urgent sounding than her typical output, focused rather on loss, regret, leaning toward the more passive end of the spectrum of dark feelings.

Below is the album’s first single, When Under Ether, however my favorite song is the title track, White Chalk. Bring on the cooling sads…



R.I.P. Montreal Mirror, best of luck to all of its writers and boo to English free weeklies going out of print! My heart goes out to all of the newspaper’s employees who were unceremoniously dumped without warning, many hearing of the closure via social media instead of, say, their employer. Here are a couple of interesting articles for you, via Bugs Burnett for The Gazette and Maisonneuve magazine, about the shocking death of English weeklies in Montreal.

MTL Mirror, love it or hate it, has long been an important compliment and supporter of Montreal’s diverse artistic and cultural activities for over 25 years. It has been a big part of my life (Best of Montreal! Rant Line! Noisemakers! Etc!) and I’d like to share my 2005 nomination to the Noisemakers list- thanks to Vince Tinguely, once again. I was such a baby back then.

PS: Plans are afoot to make sure the internet isn’t the only source of MTL cultural news…more soon!



Boy oh boy, do I ever love reading blogs, but man oh man, am I ever tired of typing and staring at a screen by the time I get home these days. Pretty different as compared to where I was this time last year when I wasn’t working! But I’m thinking of youse, reading your words, looking at photos! My web presence has been casual or CKUT-related: (re)posting on my silly Tumblr, Instagram-ing (luv eet), Tweeting, tending to Cobra & Vulture and tending to the CKUT music blog.


Feel Free Association

Pedro Lourenço Fall 2012

Nico's Desertshore (1970), clicky click

Totally ordered a NFLD/LBD tourism info booklet, having been deeply seduced by those ads + landscape....

Free! album the The New Mystikal Troubadours via The Free Music Archive

Free album by Księżyc called The Moon, recommended by Natasha of Venus Radio

This room is a dream + I need to make more PMS tea; updated recipe coming soon!

Tune into the Montreal Sessions this month to check out Jordan 'Robson' Cramer's radio residency as part of the CKUT Montreal Sessions!

Sheer Cotton Clouds

Yesterday was a blustery, rainy day here in Montreal. Mike and I were lucky enough to not have to leave the apartment, so we hunkered down and made bison chili + popovers + sipped brown ale and hung out bigtime to make up for weeks apart. I slept in- slept a lot in the last few days actually- and I think I successfully evaded whatever illness was nipping at my heels. I also painted my nails:

Colours: Sheer Cotton (the pale pink) and Cloud (pale blue) both by Revlon, I believe.

The picture is not gloomy at all cuz I took it early this morning while the sun was shining. Pray for sun this weekend, OK? For all us campers, novice and otherwise? Thanks!


Goodbye Mr. Layton

The news of Jack’s passing is very sad. I am grateful for the hope he inspired in so many people and the grace and integrity he demonstrated on the job. It is moving that he made sure to write a letter to Canadians before his death. I wish you all continued hope and determination in effecting positive social change in this country.


The Great Inner City Outdoors Accidental Home Vacation

It all started with a pitcher of beer + fried chicken with sides + old friends at the Ice House on Roy street, Friday night afterwork. You know, the evening when the breeze started to cool down the grumpy sunburn also known as Montreal? That evening I started to realize that making plans and being busy was out and that maxing and relaxing was in.

On Saturday we climbed the mountain and looked for the Magic Sound Mountain installation with popsicles, chips and extra water on hand…and then continued to wander around the park after the performance. We found the cross, stared up at clouds, discovered a secret look-out as well as a rabbit warren’s worth of odd trails worn into the dirt and rock over a span of decades. We stayed outside all day and then headed down the big hill for more beer and veggie sandwiches at a quiet Casa del Popolo. We sat inside in the AC-ed room and listened to the NYC-themed PJ Harvey album.

Early Sunday afternoon we headed to the Jean Talon market (which we hadn’t been to in years) to suss out bargain and bought fresh eggs, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, beets, raspberries and blueberries and cantaloupe, cod for ceviche, vinho verde, three different kinds of smoked mackerel (pepper + herb + lemon) and more. We ate sausage sandwiches, drank orange Fanta soda and people-watched until we were full.

Then we went home to Verdun, napped and made a picnic-style feast with our foodie treasures to savour in the riverside park. We took our battery-operated shower radio along with us for musical accompaniment. Once again, the people watching, food, and breeze were supreme.

Triple threat of plaid!

After a few weeks of learning the ropes at my new job + spending weekends recording in noisy, windowless rooms + no trip back to the mecca that is the cabin in northern Saskatchewan, two and a half days spent almost entirely outside was exactly what I needed.

I wish all y’all summery days and time out-of-doors!


Easy Breezy

A little staring at the sky to clear my head and chill out. I’m trying to get outdoors each day so that when I look back on this summer the accumulation of all the open air hours will make more of an impression on my memory than the many minutes spent indoors, staring at screens.


Love this blogger’s style, think I came across her site via Popcorn Plays/Natasha. She looks like how I feel today, a little undone, a bit unexpected, but completely herself.

Darling I Said