The second edition of the Queen City Walking Distance Distro was delivered throughout Regina’s downtown neighbourhoods in August and September and featured work by Ian Campbell, A. Cabrera, Rebecca Caines, Erika Folovnic, Jennifer Matotek, Aidan Morgan, Chris Morin and Gerda Ostenek. Read all about it here!


QC WDD #1!

Photo by pulsewidth_

Photo by pulsewidth_

The first round of the Queen City Walking Distance Distro was delivered this past Sunday, March 9, 2014! There were 33 homes on the delivery route and each package included a multiple from twelve different artists.

More about the first edition right here.


It’s been a long time since I last visited Expozine, one of the biggest (if not the biggest- hurrah!) zine fairs in North America. Ever since I stopped publishing Lickety Split in 2008 (it was run by Sarah Beall for a while after that) it seems like I haven’t been able to make it out to the fair for one reason or the other, so it was a treat to be able to go and visit all the tables I used to hit up at zine fairs when I myself was bent from stapling/hauling/selling folded paper.

Here’s what Mike and I picked up:

  • A couple of recent issues of Querencia Zine
  • Culture Slut #25
  • Femme A Barbe #1 + #2
  • A few postcards by One Sentence Stories (one thrown in for free!)
  • An issue of Paula Belina’s Good Good Bon Bon zine (excellent collages on each of the covers!)
  • A CD of music by Steve Godin called Trust Me (with a horned goddess featured on the cover)
  • The latest edition of Four Minutes to Midnight Issue 12 which commemorates the 10th anniversary of Expozine and includes selections from a sampling of zines that have been sold at the fair over the years including Lickety Split.
  • Sherwin Tjia‘s new book You Are A Cat, a choose-your-own-adventure about, well, being a cat. So funny (plus makes for a great holiday gift!). He also kicked in a copy of his latest purring cat CD ‘E-Z-Purr‘.
  • Music Is Rapid Transportation…From The Beatles to Xenakis‘, edited by Daniel Kernohan
  • Maidenheadlock, a beautiful silk-screened , magazine-sized zine
  • Radical Montreal’s city guide zine
  • An issue of Ghostbusters illustrated by Salgood Sam
  • A print (not pictured) of a post-apocalyptic Montreal featuring the Big O
  • Collier’s Popular Press, a collection of the Saskatchewan-bron artist’s work that was published in newspapers and magazines, which we bought directly from Andy at the Conundrum table who then pointed out that Dave Collier was sitting at the table. Mike’s been a long time collector of Colliers work and is also from Saskatchewan and so the two got along like a house on fire. Dave inscribed our copy of the book (and sketched our likenesses) and we left the fair as ultra happy customers!

David Collier


Lil’ Biz

Lil' Biz

So, I’ve been invited to take part in an indie business seminar this coming Saturday called Lil’ Biz that’s being organized by Pop Montreal’s Puces Pop team. Here’s the title of my presentation…click the pic for more details!

Suggested Reading: Dos and Don’ts for DIY Publishing and Dynasty-Building: A personal account of running a big, collaborative project and how to keep it glorious even when it gets messy.

Saturday, Nov 19th, from noon-5pm, at The Plant (185 Van Horne)

This event is free and space is limited (first come first served). RSVP to reserve your spot: puces@popmontreal.com

Feed me zines, Seymour

Dear me, I love gobbling up zines. Did you know that there are kinda genres of zines out there in the world? Well, one of my faves is the cookzine category. I just love to cook and thumb through wee paper collections made by folks who also love food.

Some cookzines.

The cookzines pictured above are REFUEL: Veggie Recipes & Food for Thought by Paula Belina, Sweet Treats: A collection of vegan desserts by Janelle and the Head & Hands Young Parents Program “Vegetarian & Healthy Recipes for YOU!” zine. Others I’ve collected and enjoyed include the Ripe series by Jae Steele (now a published cookbook writer). I suppose I love the pragmatism and hominess of the cookzine genre best! Most of my cookzines are dedicated to vegan/vegetarian cuisine, perhaps due to the conscientious choices many folks in the “underground” seem more inclined to make about consumption and health.

The latest addition to this wing of my library is …and endless banquet‘s APQO, which is “the first in a series of “…an endless banquet” chapbooks, this short, firecracker red tome is dedicated to the pleasures of four fruit: the apple, the pear, the quince, and the orange (hence the title)“. So lovely! You have to cut the pages to read them, ala the old days when all books were like that.

They also sent fun postcards along with the zine, like this one:

Kind of like a zine: Madeleine who runs the afore-mentioned Young Parents Program made me this lovely cookbook to fill with my own recipes! She recycled an old library book, included some of her own recipes and made me cry when it was presented to me:

This is essentially ZINE WEEK in Montreal as the collective deadline that is EXPOZINE is this weekend. Be sure to check out the Zinester Show & Tell event on Friday night at the 2110 Centre. My band Nightwood will even be jumping into the fray setting up a little stand of Caravan tour zines on Sherwin Tjia‘s always-excellent table of wonders. Thanks to Sherwin for selling them for us! Be sure to also drop by the Lickety Split smut zine table to pluck up the latest and greatest!

Note to zinesters: I think that an excellent way to promote zines on-line is to make wee videos. Check this one out from Print Fetish for the food zine Put A Egg On It:

(Some) Zine Resources

Last but not least: my friend/filmmaker/professor/author Brett Kashmere has just published the second edition of INCITE! a journal of experimental media & radical aesthetics and the theme of the issue is Counter-Archive. Enjoy!

If you love some zine, let it go


Hey, you should pick up the latest issue of Broken Pencil magazine (#49, Fall 2010) to check out an article I wrote entitled If you love some zine, let it go. It’s for the Zine Philosophy section of the magazine and in it I talk about handing off Lickety Split smut zine to a new group of excellent people, like the fabulous Sarah Beall! Drop by our fave magazine shop, order on-line or be sure to attend Expozine next weekend to get your copy.

Lickety Split smut zine Issue # 8 Launch Party: The Career Day Ball

The lovely folks who’ve taken over the the noble smutty feat of publishing Lickety Split are launching their first issue, the zine’s 8th, on June 4th! So proud. Check out the Facebook event for more info!

I founded this zine way back in January 2004 when we launched the first issue at La Sala Rossa and couldn’t be more pleased that it will exist on into the future with the guidance of Sarah Beall and her rowdy crowd of perverts. The zine also made it onto the Montreal Mirror Best of Montreal poll despite a year without publication (the zine was focusing on fundraising) – now that’s community support! xo

Getting up and going to work in the morning is easy with vices like these.

Spring green!

Spring yellow!

Spring zines!

More photos in Flickr, loves. Zines by Amber of Culture Slut and Angry Violist. Music recently acquired and much listened to is the new Joanna Newsom album, Have One On Me and Bear in Heaven.

Very busy with work and band stuff, so the posts on this blog are a bit picture heavy! Saves me from typing. On the horizon: a tour zine by Nightwood, a June tour across Canada with Nightwood and fundraising for Head & Hands.