Weather (White Noise Palace)

Weather (White Noise Palace): This new work utilizes electric box fans and the GUI Gluey tool to build site-specific structures that mimic the white noise-filled environment the artist created to shield her newborn infant from intrusive noises. The work also references the unpredictable and all-encompassing nature of infancy and new motherhood, much like the weather.

Weather (White Noise Palace) was created with support of Holophon Audio Arts Mentorship Program and in collaboration with The Gluey Group. Thanks to Ryan Hill, Fiona Rollo, Mike Rollo, Ernie Dulanowsky, Ronald J, Bernard Flamen, the University of Regina Film Department and The Gluey Group for their contributions to the project.

About The Gluey Group:
The Gluey Group, founded by Ned Bartlett and John Campbell, have designed a tool, the GUI Gluey, to facilitate in the creation of new media artworks by allowing artists to focus on the artistic process and to meet the technical requirements leading from the impetuous to the fruition of their artwork.

Exhibition dates:

Holophon Audio Arts Experimental Sound concert | Cathedral Village Arts Festival | Tuesday, May 18, 2015


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